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Disconnected to the meeting

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Teleconferencing is definitely not the best way to participate at a school board meeting.

That proved to be the case Tuesday during the committee of the whole/work session meeting. School board member Patti Head's attempt to participate via phone didn't pan out.

Head had wanted to listen in, for as long as possible, on the discussion of the magnet/calendar selection criteria. But soon after the meeting began, she was disconnected.


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The next WakeEd Partnership

The next WakeEd Partnership meeting is scheduled for March 5th. It is a lunchtime meeting, so does not conflict with WSCA (and may just be a good warm-up). Come to the meeting and see how the Kool-Aid is actually made


thanks for posting this I

thanks for posting this I seem to have been dropped from WEP mailing list.

Hope you can make the

Hope you can make the meeting, I am really looking forward to it.

Making the effort to be

Making the effort to be involved is good. The disconnected comment is very true too. She has never been in touch with her district families and has never cared about the true statistics; she just regurgitates the standard lies and spin. Knowing that she'll be done in October only makes her even less interested and involved. Too bad for her district. Hope the new board rep has a different outlook and demeanor. That district deserves representation by someone who has their best interest at heart.

Oh, the disconnect

She's been disconnected for quite some time now... This just formalizes it.

I agree with Bob, nothing wrong with using 10 year old technology. If usage were routine, an outage is less of a big deal.


I'd love to see a school board meeting held in second life.   There would just be something surreal about a meeting room with Patti & co up front and an audience full of mythical creatures, animals and long-dead rock stars.



OK - who infiltrated AT&T?
(BTW, I think Ms. Head has been disconnected for quite a long time.)

What a shame.

Why wasn't she at the meeting doing HER job?

Where was she, China!!


Teleconferences are a standard part of doing business.  I see nothing wrong in dialing in from time to time.

true, but if there was a

true, but if there was a vote planned unless specified in the by-laws, voting is not generally permitted that way.

if simply a work session, then the point is moot and Sideburns is quite correct  about Ms. Head being disconnected generally anyway!

just wondering

were there any votes planned or simply a work session?

It would have been those

It would have been those thumbs up, unofficial work session votes.

oh not like one of their

oh not like one of their infamous "straw" votes (that go on to be in stone)???

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