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Detailing the statements that Wake County school board members Debra Goldman and Chris Malone made to Cary police

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It's not every day that one elected official accuses another of potentially committing a felony and then both tell police about their relationship.

As noted in today's article, a Cary police report shows that Wake County school board member Debra Goldman reported in June 2010 that $130,000 was stolen from her home and that she named board member Chris Malone as a potential suspect.

Malone was able to satisfy investigators that he didn't commit the burglary. In the process, both board members gave conflicting statements about whether they had a romantic relationship.

Goldman and Malone did not return multiple phone calls over the past two days requesting comment.

The reason all of this coming to light now and not two years ago is the details about the allegations aren't public record. The only thing that is officially public record is the incident report in which Goldman reported the crime.

The statements made by Goldman and Malone are in the narrative report, which are the case notes of the investigators, which police are not required to make public. Cary police have declined to provide a copy of the narrative report.

The News & Observer received a copy of the narrative report on Thursday from an unknown source. After checking with multiple sources, we were able to confirm that it's a genuine report.

With Election Day just weeks away, the timing isn't great for Goldman, the  GOP nominee for state auditor and Malone, a GOP candidate for state House.

Let's get into the report itself.

Goldman reported the burglary on June 12, 2010. She told police that it had taken place while she was out participating in a Race for the Cure event.

Goldman reported that $100,000 in jewelry and $20,000 in cash were taken from "a ratty pink backpack." She also reported that $10,000 in coins from her coin collection were also missing from a suitcase.

"I asked DEBRA as to why she kept so much cash on hand in her home and she stated that she is a retired FIREFIGHTER and BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR," according to the notes of Detective Joseph Lengel. "She was working in PENNSYLVANIA when 9/11/01 occurred. After the terrorist attacks, she found it very difficult to get money from her bank in order to pay her bills.

She stated that ever since then, she has always had money on  hand at her home for emergencies. She admitted that it was alot of money. DEBRA went onto say that over the years she had got better about having so much money in the home and the amount would drop. A terrorist attack or plot would occur and she would build this fund up again."

Goldman was asked to list possible suspects, prompting her to mention names of members of the Great Schools in Wake Coalition. The report mistakenly calls Goldman's 2009 school board opponent "Lois Cox" instead of Lois Nixon.

"I then asked DEBRA if she knew of anyone that would want to steal from her and she stated that she did," Lengel wrote in the report. "DEBRA stated that she ran for the WAKE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION SEAT against LOIS COX. She advised that LOIS also had a political consultant helping her campaign named PERRY WOODS.

DEBRA advised that Lois was well connected in WAKE COUNTY and thought that she was going to win the election is [sic] a landslide. DEBRA advised that she beat LOIS in a landslide and ever since then, LOIS has been attempting to harass her."

Goldman brought up how her car was broken into when she had attended a 2009 debate with Nixon on WPTF. According to the report, Goldman said it was "odd" that Woods was at the radio station and that "LOIS and PERRY intentionally parked their cars a long ways away from the radio station as to not be near her car."

Goldman is also quoted in the report as saying that "PERRY was laughing at the scene."

"DEBRA went onto say that LOIS has several friends that make up a group called GREAT SCHOOLS IN WAKE COALITION," according to the report. The report lists Yevonne Brannon, Woods and Karen Rindge.

The report also says that "LOIS is good friends with one of the WAKE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS, STAN NORWALK."

"DEBRA went onto say that YVONNE (sic) causes problems during meetings,"  the report says. "She is known to make messes at meetings, cause disruptions when DEBRA is trying to speak, and other nuiances (sic) to upset or disrupt the meetings. DEBRA stated that she believes that LOIS or YVONNE (sic) would pay someone to break into her home."

Goldman would later identify Malone as a suspect to investigator Thomas Stewart.

The report indicates that Goldman discussed the nature of her relationship with Malone, who said they had become "good friends" during the 2009 elections but "nothing more."

The report describes how Goldman says Malone repeatedly pursued her romantically over several months and was told to stop, only to start again.

"As time continued to move forward, Goldman stated that it became clear that Malone more of a romantic type relationship rather, then (sic) a freindship (sic)," according to Stewart's notes. "In December, Malone sent numerous text messages to Goldman. Goldman asked Malone to stop, and focus on his love for his wife and family."

The report says that Goldman told Stewart that Malone became "more persistent" in texting and calling her, including texts sent after midnight that she would not respond to.

The report says that Goldman told Malone on numerous occasions "to stop contacting her on a personal level." The report says that Goldman told Malone in May that "she was not interested in a  relationship with Malone, and to stop trying to create one." The report says Malone's response was to cry, hand an envelope containing a gift certificate for a massage and promise to leave her alone.

"A few weeks later, Maolne (sic) started to pursue Goldman again," according to the report. "Malone told Golman (sic) even though he knew she was not interested in a relationship with him, he had to tell Goldman he was in love with her. Goldman again told Malone she was not interested, and told him this behavior needed to stop."

The report also says that Goldman told Stewart that Malone "would complain about being in debt" and "never had any cash, and often needed to be spotted money to cover him for lunch or dinners the group went to before or after school board meetings."

Goldman said that she attended school board meetings June 7 and June 8 and that her house key was "stolen" from her brief case. She said Malone was sitting next to her on those days.

Goldman also told investigators it was "very odd" and "very suspicious" that, based on his financial situation, Malone had purchased a new pickup truck days after the burglary.

The report shows that Stewart turned his attention to Malone. Initially, attorney Kieran Shanahan called Stewart on Malone's behalf before recusing himself due a conflict of interest because he represents Goldman on some matters, in addition to representing the board.

The report shows that Malone, accompanied by attorneys Phil Isley and Hardy Lewis, met with Stewart.

The report says Malone told Stewart he and Goldman became friends during the election, including how she told him "she wished she was married to a guy like him." But from there, the report shows that Malone painted a rapidly different account from Goldman of what happened next.

The report says that Malone and Goldman met at the Clarion Hotel in downtown Raleigh in the last week of October, where "the two of them started to kiss and make out at the top of the Clarion."

"I asked Malone how he would characterize his relationship with Goldman at the time all of this was taking place, and he replied 'like high school kids dating,'" Stewart wrote in the report. "During this time, and the weeks to follow, that relationship got more personal and physical. Malone stated they never had intercourse, but stated what did take place was very heated physicly (sic)."

The report says that Malone indicates the relationship got to the point where thousands of emails were sent between the two. The report says that Malone told police that Goldman "made it clear all e-mails needed to be deleted" from their personal accounts because a political group was requesting all school board members emails on personal and district accounts.

Over time, the report says that Malone described the relationship as being "on again/off again." But by early May, Malone said in the report that "he knew for certain everything in Goldmans (sic) mind was over."

"Malone did make the comment that he was "out of (expletive) control in regards to this entire matter involving his relationship with Goldman," the report says. "At the same time, Malone stated Goldman would do things to make him feel in his mind that the 'more than friends relationship' had a chance."

According to the report, Malone says on June 23 that Goldman told him "she did not want to have anymore personal conversations with him, no more touching, personal contact, ect. (sic)."

"As our conversation continues, I asked Malone if in May the romantic relationship between he and Goldman is over," Stewart writes in the report. "Malone replies he knows there will be no more qiuckies (sic) in the car, no more meeting at the Hampton Inn on Harrision (sic) Ave, but they are more then (sic) just working stiffs. They are friends that could talk about personal issues."

Stewart asked Malone about his finances.

"Malone told me has had money problems for quite some time," Stewart writes in the report. "Malone stated that he had been in debt for several years, but now he was doing fine."

The report says Malone told police that his brother, Michael, "helped him out by giving him some cash, and paying alot of Chriss (sic) bills off."  Malone told Stewart that he had gotten about $15,000, with $5,000 of it in cash and the rest to pay his debts.

The report shows that Malone and his brother provided financial records to police to show that the money received "was prior to the month of June when the burglary in question had taken place." Shanahan was with Michael Malone when Stewart interviewed him.

The report shows that on Oct. 4, Stewart called Goldman to let her know that "there was not enough evidence to warrant any criminal charges" and that "this case was going to be inactivated at this point."

That call came one day before the Oct. 5 vote in which Goldman joined with Democrats in killing the zone plan.

Ron Margiotta, who was school board chairman at the time, said he thinks Goldman’s allegation against Malone played a role in her vote against the assignment plan.

“She was trying to push back against him and show her independence,” Margiotta said of Goldman’s vote.

Margiotta said the fact that Goldman had put the finger on Malone strained relations among members of the board majority.

"It certainly had an impact,” Margiotta said. “I had a responsibility to keep them working together. I can’t tell you how much time was spent dealing with them.”

As for the whether there was a romantic relationship, Steven Goldman, Debra Goldman's estranged husband, said he knew that his wife and Malone were having one.

"I didn’t want to split up my family and I turned a blind eye to it as long as I could,” said Steven Goldman, who said he had not sent the police report to the News & Observer and hasn't been able to get a copy of the report.

Steven Goldman is engaged in civil litigation with Debra Goldman over the distribution of their assets and custody of their children, according to court documents. In addition, they’ve requested protection orders against each other.

While Margiotta declined comment on whether Goldman and Malone had a romantic relationship, he said that he frequently heard from people who were concerned about the way the two were acting together in public.

“It seemed to be common knowledge that there was a relationship going on,” Margiotta said.

1350824733 Detailing the statements that Wake County school board members Debra Goldman and Chris Malone made to Cary police The News and Observer Copyright 2011 The News and Observer . All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


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During my navy years I remember an executive officer who was an incredible jerk.....not a good elader at all.  On one deployment a lowely E-2 who had been pushed to the breaking point got an idea.  He started to follow this XO around in town and taking pictures of him with various women.  The guy (who was telling me about this) was about to exit from his required enlistment.  On his last day, as he exited his command and started to head home he dropped a rather full yellow envelope into a nearby mailbox with an incredible number of photos to.....you guessed it......the XO's wife.  How incredibly stupid to do crap that will sooner or later be found out.  The only reason this blog does not get the word out is because the WCPSS pays employees to post here and provide that age old DISinformation.  However, WCPSS employees and former employees, it is time to wake up and warm by the fire that is burning.  Do not let unpunished deeds of this system go unpunished:

Donna James, Director

AdvancED North Carolina

Western Carolina University 91 Killian Building Lane, Suite 203

Cullowhee, NC28723





Dear Willynilly...

You're quite the ongoing conspiracy theorist it seems. Where do I sign up to be one of those "paid" defenders of WCPSS and our kids that you mention? It would be a bonus to be paid for speaking up for my kids and our public schools! Please refer me... LOL

Paula, "Independent, Fair & Speaking Up for MY Kids."

You have to experience it to

You have to experience it to believe it.  There is much that contributors to this blog do not understand.

I hate to even give this any attention

but perhaps this was meant to divert attention away from the reassignment and bond conversations that really matter?

Consistently amazed

Am consistently amazed at how many distractions the Board of Education can find to prevent themselves from actually focusing on student achievement.

I had the same thought.

I had the same thought. Perfect timing to get people to stop thinking about the firing of Tata and the looming reassignments.

To cause a diversion takes

To cause a diversion takes more thought than these two are capable of.


Derr. I think they meant the Dems caused the diversion - not the lovebirds.

Yup......I told you they

Yup......I told you they were not bright enough.

There are several things

There are several things troubling about this, and I'd be particularly troubled if I were a Republican. An affair between two sitting board members is an ethical conflict.  And no, it's not like Clinton having an affair with Monica Lewinsky.  If Malone or Goldman were having affairs with other people that are not involved in Board business, I wouldn't care.  However, as Margiotta conceded, the affair may have had an effect on policy.

Debra Goldman is clearly a paranoid wacko.    Her behavior shows emotionally instability, and indicates she's not fit for public office.

Malone and Margiotta also showed some really poor judgment. Malone should have known that a relationship would be an ethical issue. Malone's financial difficulties are also not a good sign in someone holding public office (people often get denied security clearances for this very reason).  Margiotta should have stepped in and told one of them to resign.

For all the right wing denialists who troll this blog, notice that this has nothing to do with left/right ideology, and the moral dimensions of affair itself are irrelevant.   There are certainly conservatives that are not unstable characters like these, but Lasourdo appears to  have been cut from the same cloth and Tedesco is nearly as bad (but probably not this bad). I guess the Popes can't find better stooges.


(1) Disclosed a few weeks before the election?  Pretty sleazy -- whatever the truth is, there's not enough time for it to come out now.

(2) I wonder how many of the people now laughing at them didn't have any issues with Bill Clinton's infidelities.

(3) Keung -- an "unknown source" or a "source whose identity you know, but have agreed to keep confidential."  

(4) Doesn't change my vote for Malone -- it'll take a lot more than this to ever convince me to vote for evil incarnate in the form of Lori Millberg.  Goldman didn't have my vote to begin with.


How many times has Goldman screamed for "transparency" since throwing her hat into the ring ???

Unknown as in we don't know.

Unknown as in we don't know. Anonymous package sent in the mail that we got Thursday. That's why we spent several days checking with sources, both named in the story and unnamed, to satisfy ourselves that it was a legitimate document.

Rumors about an affair and that Goldman implicated Malone have been out there for the past two years. We would have reported on it much sooner if we had been able to get the confirmation that we got this past week.

Was the return address the

Was the return address the Cameron Village Public Library?


I had the same thought. ;)

I figured you'd find that

I figured you'd find that amusing. lol


I wonder who could have an incentive to do that.  The obvious suspects are opposing political candidates -- I doubt it's Beth Wood; her re-election seems to be in the bag.  But, there was a recent pool where Malone was ahead over Millberg that showed many voters weren't familiar with either.  

Getting this report from the Cary PD requires connections; it's not likely to be either of their spouses.

Why wouldn't the most likely

Why wouldn't the most likely suspect by the estranged husband of Goldman?  Since it's his house, too, he'd have access to the report, and he certainly has motive to want to hurt her.


from the article above:

"I didn’t want to split up my family and I turned a blind eye to it as long as I could,” said Steven Goldman, who said he had not sent the police report to the News & Observer and hasn't been able to get a copy of the report.

Steven Goldman also said the

Steven Goldman also said the first time he saw the police narrative was when we showed it to him. He's since made a request for the document but says he was told by the Cary police he'd need to subpoena it it he wants it for his litigation against Debra Goldman.


It wasn't the police report -- these were the investigator's notes and are not generally provided to the victim.

Cary PD

Why has the Cary PD been covering this up?

The State Public Records Law

The State Public Records Law doesn't list investigative reports as something that is a public record that must be turned over. But the law doesn't prevent them to be released either. For instance, Cary Police released the reports in the Nancy Cooper murder.

The N&O's argument is that since the allegations involve two public officials that there is a compelling public interest for the report to be officially released. But Cary PD is sticking by the interpretation that since the law doesn't require it then they don't' have to give it. But again, they have done so as in the Cooper case.

For those who still question the report's authenticity, Cary Police Chief Pat Bazemore told us today that she's launching an investigation into how the document was obtained by the N&O. Now Bazemore still won't officially confirm the authenticity of our copy. But you can ask why she would bother to investigate the leaking of a report that's false.

Releasing investigative reports

In accordance with the NC General Statutes, the Town of Cary does not release officers' narratives related to criminal investigations or intelligence information. This is true even in the case of the Nancy Cooper murder investigation (it is important to note that before it was a criminal investigation, the Cooper case began as a search for a missing person. Moreover, many details became available after the case went to trial).

A statement from Chief Bazemore regarding the report is available on the Town's web site; search Get the Facts: Town of Cary Police Department Report Involving Debra Goldman.


I don't see a cover-up.  I see them doing their jobs, at least until somebody gave up this report.

Think of it this way: Let's say that the results of every interview made by the Cary PD were available to the public.  How many people are going to want to talk with the Cary PD? 

Still vote for Malone?

I suspect you would still vote for Todd Akin also if you lived in Missouri. What would it take to make you realize that Malone isn't fit to represent you in the NC House? Maybe if the affair was with another male that would do it.

Uh.. No.

I dont think I'd vote for Akin.  I regularly split my vote.

I'm not big on affairs. Never had one.  Don't intend to.  Think they're bad.  But, Lori Millberg has repeatedly proven that she doesn't care about anybody but herself.  She's vindictive and arrogant.  I would vote for Charles Manson before I voted for her.


Not so sure Malone has proven he cares about anybody but himself.  Certainly not his wife and kids.   And, if true about being in debt then borrowing money to buy himself an excellent pick-up truck, not too sure he cares about anybody else's finances either.   

I am a voter.  Can you give

I am a voter.  Can you give me some specific reason not to vote for her?  Besides, I don't think Charlie is eligible for public office-at least in this State.


The #1 problem is that she displayed an amazing contempt for parents when she was on the school board, lashing out at Wakefield ES parents after a board meeting, saying something along the lines of "They're not going to like what happens next."  And, unfortunately, she was right.

North Carolina has a strong need for education reform.  Millburg is firmly in the pocket of anti-reformers.

State Auditor?

Could it be that DG is trying to hide assets prior to a property division? Why did she not file an insurance claim?  Possibly she is afraid she would be commiting a felony?  Why does she think she is capable of being in such a demanding position as State Auditor? Inquiring voters want to know.

Keung,Do you have shower


Do you have to shower after posting this crap, or is this a career decision to move into tabloid "journalism.". This happened two years ago and you are just now getting to it... right before elections?

Character issue

This goes straight to the character of people who are running for State Auditor and House Representative. That is why it is important.


Even if it was reported at the time, you would have had something to say. And if this were about two Democratic members, you would have accused hiu of covering it up until now.

In short, you, and your righty crew, are FULL OF IT! Now and forevermore! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!

What was reported? An

What was reported? An alledge affair and a report of theft. That's it. Even with a Democrat, I'd need more than that. But clearly this was timed by the N&O to coincide with elections. That's disgusting and wrong.


...right before the election. Blame him too, now! C'mon, be honest! He just shot both of them down! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHHAHAHA!

Just curious - what prompted

Just curious - what prompted printing this story now, seems like a lot of old news.

Oh - I get it now, the

Oh - I get it now, the 'unknown source' sent it to the N&O.  I guess 2 years ago when this happened wasn't the right timing for 'the unknown source'.   Right.

what about Ron?

Ron knew about it two years ago and thought it was affecting lfficial business of the BOE and did nothing!!  Was he looking for the "right timing"...for all we know he's the unknown source sinc he's the only one talking about it.

How do you know he did

How do you know he did nothing? I would say this will affect the election, but both Martin and Evans were caught in falsehoods and they still got elected.


...that the definition of "news" is stuff you didn't know before. Now we all knew that Goldman was nuts and Malone was slimy, but we NEVER knew they were THIS bad!

What's "this bad?" There is

What's "this bad?" There is an alledged affair -- not good if true, but hardly uncommon -- and a report of a theft. Plus it is all two years after the fact and soley for political purposes. The N&O looks the worst here. Releasing all this old sketchy news just before an election is just sleazy tabloidism. If they had any remaining credibility as a news organization, it has to be gone now. 

this bad

Is making decisions based on your interpersonal relationship with other board members rather than good policy and personal integrity. I understand that we condone affairs with married people these days, but at least keep your bedroom activities from affecting your decisions.

to be fair

It was Margiotta's opinion that Goldman based her vote on the first assignment plan on her relationship with Malone, but he has an interest in finding a personal rather than policy reason for that decision. He felt that the first plan was shaping up to be what he wanted, but there were certainly many problems with the process that was being followed to create that plan (namely that there wasn't one). She could have decided quite independently of her feelings about Malone to vote against going forward.


...as Goldman, who is blaming everyone she has a personal problem with with robbing her home of $130,000, but she never filed an insurance claim. You just can't get over that you back a NUT! And an immoral NUT at that! HA-HAAAA! Juicy, juicy juicy! And by the way, if this news is so old, then why is Ron Margiotta running his mouth now? Why couldn't he be quiet? You can't blame the N&O without blaming Margiotta for confirming this stuff!

Old news to many- Feb and March


Read the comments.  Very interesting.

Make sure to see page 2 of comments

Looks to me like decisions

Looks to me like decisions regarding the children and families of Wake County were based on fallout from an illicit relationship between two board members with poor judgment. The reference to the relationship described (by one party) as high school students.is even more troubling, although no surprise.  Have seen that behavior out of school administrators before.




Where's your comment on this one?!?!?!

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