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Denlinger says WEP "more focused and relevant than ever before"

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Ann Denlinger, president of the Wake Education Partnership, is giving a thank-you message as she retires from the position later this month.

In an e-mail message today to WEP supporters, Denlinger said the group "re-examined its mission, purpose and goals" during her tenure. She said that "our mission has not wavered and the review has left us more focused and relevant than ever before."

Denlinger is also asking people to donate to the WEP in next Wednesday's Money Drop fundraiser.

Here's her message:

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to the many people who have made my past three years so rewarding at Wake Education Partnership. As many of  you know, I will be leaving the Partnership this month and beginning my retirement (again) after more than 40 years in education.
I am retiring at a time when Wake County finds itself at a crossroads. When I first entered the classroom, few dared to predict the successes this county has seen. But that success also came with growing pains.
Due in part to those challenges, the Partnership re-examined its mission, purpose and goals during my tenure. I am happy to report that our mission has not wavered and the review has left us more focused and relevant than ever before.
The Partnership's strength comes from your support. My request to you is to show that support during the Partnership's upcoming Money Drop online fundraiser Sept. 22. The details can be found on our web site or in the initial announcement below. If you know of others who wish to participate, please forward this request to them.

Again, thanks to all of you for making my work here so rewarding and please consider a donation to the Partnership in whatever amount is meaningful to you.

Ann Denlinger
President, Wake Education Partnership


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Why can't these people just

Why can't these people just go away? Millburg, Clark, Dulaney, and now Dingalinger resign, but then keep hanging around to spout their nonsense that the people of Wake County resoundingly rejected. At least Burns had the intelligence to  keep his trap shut once he exited the scene.

She lost

In the greatest test of its strength in recent years, the WEP, little more than a mouthpiece for the NCAE and all those happy with the past status quo of Wake Government schools, failed in its effort to block the will of voters.  Ms. Denlinger's departure is only appropriate as the root cause for the WEP's failure. Given that parents and taxpayers should have the greatest say in the future of all forms of education for their children, one wonders why the WEP even exists.  If the WEP is truly interested in the future of education, it would support all forms, i.e. public, charter, private, parochial, home and should advocate for the elimination of the arbitrary cap on charter schools, support tuition tax credits and promote school vouchers beyond their current use in "More by Four", "Smart Start" and GI Bill programs.  Now that would be a reason for its continued existence.

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