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Deborah Prickett running for the District 7 school board seat

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Deborah Prickett, a longtime educator and former Wake teacher, announced today she'll run for the District 7 school board seat.

In her press release, Prickett criticizes the school district for "repeated reassignments" and the use of mandatory year-round schools. That issue could resonate in District 7, where complaints about the conversion of the Leesville schools could motivate a lot of voters.

District 7 includes northwest Raleigh, Morrisville and part of Cary. The seat is now held by Patti Head, who isn't running for reelection.

May 6, 2009

Committee for Student Success

Raleigh, NC


(919) 293-0235

Deborah Prickett Announces Candidacy for Wake County School Board District 7

We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Deborah Prickett will be a candidate for Wake County School Board District 7 in the October 6th, 2009 election.

Announcing her candidacy, Mrs. Prickett stated “Current School board policies regarding student assignments are ineffective patchwork attempts to solve complex challenges, and they simply are not working for too many Wake County students and their families. We need to tap into the tremendous support network that communities can provide and create environments where students feel connected. As it is, Wake County families and communities are fractured by repeated reassignments and conversion of schools to Mandatory Year Round (MYR) calendars incurring increased costs to operate our schools. Most importantly, our school system is not providing students with the quality education they need to become part of a vibrant, growing community and economy.”

As the District 7 School Board member, Deborah will focus her energy, creativity and compassion on attacking the problems in Wake County schools. Parents and taxpayers want stable school assignments, choice in calendar options and excellence in education. They want School Board representatives who can apply a business-like approach to the management of Wake County’s $2.1B education budget. Deborah is committed to these core values, and to the accountability that goes with them.

For years, the School Board has treated Wake County students like statistics, using constant reassignment to promote “healthy schools” instead of “healthy students.” As a parent with a son in Wake County Public Schools, Deborah understands that a reassignment plan will never deliver the educational results we need – we must focus on education student by student. As Deborah put it, she has “felt the pain of parents firsthand” and eagerly embraces the opportunity to serve the citizens of District 7 and Wake County with energetic leadership and commitment to excellence.

Some background information on Deborah Prickett:

Raleigh native, attended Wake County Public Schools
BA, North Carolina State University
MA, North Carolina Central University
26 years working in Wake County Public Schools and North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI)
Counselor, English and Language Arts Teacher
Currently employed by NCDPI as the Character Education Consultant working with Coordinators in all NC school districts
Member, National Character Education Partnership, State Collaborative for Children, Families and Youth
Member, Governor’s Child Abuse and Neglect sub-committee
Member, Governor’s Focus Group on Returning Combat Veterans and their Families


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I was there......

Goettee Lied,
Good children cried!!

I attended several events in which Ms. Goettee said she would listen to the parents of District Seven. She also told many she would always be available. She also indicated that reassignment should only happen as new schools opened. She also indicated that she was an expert on education, education "law," and budgeting. As soon as she was elected, she did a 180, and began her backstabbing ways by supporting the ITB crowd. You might say that Lindy Brown, "goatteed" the rest of county with her stand against MYR schools during the election, and her support for MYR afterward.

"Goatteed" - to say or represent a certain viewpoint on an important issues or issues, then do completely the opposite once elected.

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts, i.e., Trojan Horse.

Just to clarify

Ms. Goettee is District Nine.

Let us not forget

Flip-Flop Lindy Brown.

Oh no, can't forget

Flip-Flop Lindy!  Again, as I stated elsewhere, District 2, the most clueless district in the county.  Starting with the school board rep, commissioner and it trickles right down to the voters!  Let's see if this fall the voters can start on their path to recovery!!

I guess at least we don't have Stan Norwalk!


That was supposed to go down quite a few posts.

Ms. Prickett.... Do parents

Ms. Prickett....
Do parents really have your honest to God trust that you will do what you say?

It's easy to run for an elected position during a highly controversial time and choose the "other path." I have seen this before, and been burned before, so please excuse me if I am skeptical.

How do voters know you will say all of this, and then Del will serve you up his Kool Aide and you will succumb to his charms and turn on voters and being the WCPSS "speak" of ... "this is the only way to run the school system".

Let's not forget, WCPSS will tell you if you should assume the position, that as a candidate you didn't have "all the facts" and information, but they are now at liberty to provide you with all those facts and numbers ... thus..hereby starting the process of changing your opinion.

The only one who stands strong on that board is Ron. People say he only votes against them because his votes are Moot and that he is playing into the parents, but I just think he has a clear head and has experience from other school systems that he brings to the table.

I stand a bit leery of a WCPSS educator assuming any role on the board or any administrative role. Please, convince me otherwise, but I will remain skeptical.

I tend to feel skeptical

I tend to feel skeptical that it might well be empty promises although I sense compassion from a counselor.


You just a blanket statement about every educator in WCPSS.  What an insult.

So be it. As as parent, I

So be it. As as parent, I am not insulted almost every day by what WCPSS does?

Get over yourself support. Really.

 My point is...educators come to the table with a different set of tools... business people come with a different set of tools and training. I'd like to see some business people elected to run the "business" that WCPSS is, because right now it's being run into the ground.

 I have concerns that an educator within the system of WCPSS will ultimately "standy by" what Del preaches and what they are told is being done because it's "best for the children."

My opinion... support. my opinion. 

So Be It

So Be It I agree with you -

Just the college educational curriculum for teachers is so much different than for business majors.  I think it would be good to see a person(s) on the Board  that does have the project management, critical thinking, and planning and development skills that comes at a corporate business level.  It could just bring a different balanced perspective.

Perhaps it would balance out the perceived knee jerk reactions that we've seen from the current Board some of whom think just because they taught at a school, they know how to manage a multi million dollar educational organization and it's 400,000 parents and students.



Children as a commodity

As I see it, many of the problems in the Wake County school system stem from the students -- our children -- and familes being treated as commodities. Students are mere statistics and famlies are things that inhabit nodes. What we need is someone who sees students and familes as real people with real needs, challenges and goals that deserve to be accommodated.

In my view a candidate does not have to fit a certain profile, but they do need be willing to listen to the community that elected them and be open to fresh solutions that work. Right now we have very little of that on the school board.

Making a blanket statement indicating that we don't need an educator on the school board is a bit narrow minded in my view. What we need is someone who can't be fooled by the current school board rhetoric about what is "best for the children." I believe Prickett understands the tactics and spin being used to formulate many of the current Wake school policies and is the right person to combat it and facilitate the change needed. 

Keep an open mind, something most of the current school members refuse to do. 

design... you I will banter

design... you I will banter with... support I will not.

 I know my current state of mind is "narrow minded" against having someone from the WCPSS run for the board. Maybe this person is the right person.   My concerns lie in the managment angle and in some instances the "customer serivce" angle.

 You are right.  Parents and students are not "customers", they are statistics.   A happy and satisfied "customer" will gladly support any "business" when they are treated right.  ANd hey yeah, even if the business can't really accomodate your every need, but at least EXPLAINS to the customer WHY, and it's LEGITIMIATE, not "just apply and shut your mouth and we don't have to tell you why,"... the customer would still remain loyal.

 The "brass" and "board" at WCPSS has done NOTHING to build that customer service with parents.  All they want from parents is to fundraise, volunteer (so they can claim the adult body in the lower class ratio... ahem) and shut up as they manipulate our lives.

 As I have said before, AT THE VERY LEAST, survey the parents at the school they were and are thinking of converting to YR.  I could have stomached that if the majority of parents at the school said, "yes, this is what we want and we fully understand tracks and "retracking " our  kids is part of the process."    .... that was never done.  We were TOLD we were MYR, and then TOLD you can pick a track, but don't expect to be on that track, as it's up to the principal to place and replace children as needed.

 This is the kind of stuff that proves to me  WCPSS is not running the show effectively and who is at the helm? Del.. what did Del do in his former life?

 Hence, my narrow mind.


Dr. Adelphos John (Del) Burns began his career with the Wake County
Public School System in 1976 as an LD Resource Teacher at Aldert Root
Elementary School. Since then he has served in a variety of teaching
and administrative positions before being named WCPSS's seventh


there in lies the problem.


You believe you "deserve to be accommodated"

 I get what I want is the mantra of today's society. 




I'm sorry, I must be missing something; are you suggesting that the school board should accommodate the needs of someone other than the taxpaying citizens who elected them?  

No reason for doubt

I suppose it is natural to be a bit skeptical about individuals you do not know. However, the more you learn about Mrs. Prickett's commitment to change and a family-friendly school system, the more you will be convinced that she is the real deal and does indeed do what she says she will.

You may be interested to hear Mrs. Prickett's comments to the school board and Del Burns at:

http://blogs.newsobserver.com/comment/reply/12409#comment-form (go to the 14 minute mark).

In her remarks you will hear her strong support for Ron Margiotta, community schools, and the need for change in Wake County. As an educator who has insight into the so-called "facts" that many on the school board like to spin, she won't be taken in by the status quo. Mrs. Prickett will not be drinking any "Kool Aide," she will be dispensing common sense and a commitment to ALL students and families in Wake County.

I'd love to throw my

I'd love to throw my support behind her. But, until election day, I'd love to also see her in public, at BOE meetings standing her ground in public comments, I want to see stuff in writing on her website and in letters to the editor in all Wake papers, so that when the day comes that she is elected, voters at least have documentation of what she said she would do as a candidate... and if she holds true to that once her behind hits the comfy chair up on Wake Forest Road.

I've been through many campaigns, worked on many campaigns, have supported many candidates who said one thing and ended up doing another.... have been dissapointed many many times.

Wanna start with that louse from Chapel Hill who cheated on his dying wife. Hey, did I say a name?

Let us not forget

Flip-Flop Lindy Brown!

Deborah, you sound like a

Deborah, you sound like a dream come true!!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck to you!

Great news for District 7.

Great news for District 7. Is she the WSCA candidate? Her platform sounds right in line with the WSCA mission. Happy days for District 7!

Excellent! Finally An Educator Who Gets It

This is great news! I know Deborah Prickett and her commitment to students and families. She understands that the needs of individual students must be the focus of any effective school board policy. She also knows that parent/guardian engagement and a strong community are vital components to school success.

Good bye to policies that are not working and hello to common sense and leadership!!

LRMS Counselor?

Hey Designman:

Is this the same Ms. Prickett who was a counselor at LRMS?


Indeed she is


Yes, she is the same Deborah Prickett who was a counselor at Leesville Middle; before that, she was at S.E. Raleigh High. She is smart, committed, and ready to do the right things for Wake County students and families. Deborah has a long and successful history of working with Wake County students and familes and understands their concerns and challenges as well as their hopes and dreams. If we were able to build an ideal candidate from scratch, we could do no better than Mrs. Prickett.


Hey Designman:

Thanks!  She was WONDERFUL when she was at LRMS.

Her reputation at LRMS was stellar, so I would assume that even Patti Head will endorse her as a replacement.

That is truly the BEST news we could hope for.  Our district is sorely in need of someone who is willing to listen to the families, show compassion for some of the destruction that has been forced on communities, and understand the varying needs of ALL students.  If we can find others like her to fill the open positions around the county we can really turn things around within the WCPSS.

Don't count on Patti Head's

Don't count on Patti Head's endorsement. Deborah sounds like the polar opposite of Patti. She stands for things Patti cannot comprehend. Expect Patti to push for 1 of her 3 *Bigger Picture* (cough cough) gaggle members. They would be squashed like a bug. They had to pull sneaky maneuvers just to get onto their own school PTA board. What a joke that would be.

Who in their right mind

would want Patti Head's pat on the back!  Things Patti can't begin to comprehend,

same goes for Lori Millberg, but with Lori we can add one other,



Yes, I believe that this is the same Ms. Prickett. I've had the pleasure of speaking with her and I can tell you that (maybe from her professional experience as a counselor - at LRMS and in SE Raleigh?) - she listens! Now, won't that be refreshing on the school board, a representative who listens? She has knowledge and experience through her school and professional life in Raleigh that has shown her the kaliedescope of problems and possibilities for students. And, maybe most importantly, Ms. Prickett is resilient. She really wants to make educating ALL Wake students a priority for the school system.  This lady has character and substance. 

Congrats D7!

1 down, 3 to go! What about it Cathy Truitt? Interested in taking a position such as this? If so, D2 would like to hear more from you! Very soon!

Excellent Candidate

Hey Keung:

Thanks for posting this. She sounds like JUST the person we need in District 7, and her involvement with our School Board will be helpful in shifting the focus of the majority of our Board to actually being responsive to families.

Concerned with QUALITY EDUCATION and FAMILIES...and getting rid of all of the unnecessary and destructive policies that threaten to destroy both...a true BREATH OF FRESH AIR for our District. I'm sure our CCLP group will be thrilled to hear that she's running for office.

Good Luck Deborah.

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