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Crowd control for tonight's meeting

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You guys may not all want to rush over to tonight's meeting at Holly Springs Town Hall.

As noted previously, representatives from several opposition groups will meet at 6 p.m. to see if they can work together to change the school system. It just might not be possible to accommodate all the people who want to attend.

Holly Springs Mayor Dick Sears said they can seat 90 people in the council chambers. He said they've got enough room for 20 people to stand in the back of the room.

If needed, Sears said they can turn up the volume on the microphones so that people in the hallway can hear what's going on inside.

If all the groups come as they say they will, there will be folks from all parts of the county at tonight's meeting.


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I'm also bummed that I

I'm also bummed that I didn't get to meet geeky just to see who this crazy person is. ;-P I don't know how you want to pronounce your name, G88, but I call you geeky. :-)

It was a great meeting--congratulations!

Crazy person?

Why in the world would you say that?

You can pronounce it however you like, but ya' doezn't has to cahl me crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Let's go with intensely passionate!


"My kid goes to WCPSS and all he got was a 2 hour bus ride in the middle of July to learn Trailblazers math."

OMG, Kyle. I am glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read that, or I'd need a new keyboard!


Maybe you could have in tiny print "Actually, it was a 1-hour and 48 minute bus ride, but, you get the idea..."



I agree that it was a great meeting. Very energized, concerned, committed parents.

Wow - I'm bummed that g88 didn't reveal him/herself. That would have made my night! There's always next time.

You guys are making me blush

Next time I'll throw some food, or wear an animal hat or just stand up and say charge.  Or something.

Am I feeling the love?  I think I'm feeling the love!  :c )

Protecting our identities

Since we have various motivations to protect our identities -- maybe we should adopt a variety of visual "signals" to the cognoscenti:

  • Roll your left pant leg up to just above the calf muscle
  • Wear mismatching socks
  • Wear a lampshade
  • Wear a t-shirt that says; "My kid goes to WCPSS and all he got was a 2 hour bus ride in the middle of July to learn Trailblazers math."

That should make us completely indistinguishable.

i agree

I'm new to all this, so didn;t get to talk to any of you this time.. next time I'll be holding the rolled up copy of my Wake School's Report card,  or whatever we decide on :).

Great meeting, and it was

Great meeting, and it was nice to meet some fellow posters there. G88, sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you.

Yes, VERY well attended

and very well organized.
I will be VERY interested to hear the follow up from all sources that will be reporting.

There was SO much info and SO many things to be positive about, but the best part of the entire event was the laughing that took place when Patti Head's name came up.
There truly is nothing more damaging to her future campaign, should there be one, than her comments over the years and her record! Those things simply say it all about Patti Head!

Now on to the strategy to take apart Horace Tart's future bid for re-election.
Oh this is going to be goooooooooooooood!

You didn't find the meeting


I found the "finding canaditates that are family friendly"  kind of general. When asked for more specifics I found the answers a little evasive. 


I know


I know you didn't hear the specifics you were looking for tonight. It just was not the right venue for this group - first meeting, media there - to go completely open kimono. I encourage you to have some conversations offline. I think the answer was that we're not pretending to have all the answers and that we need EVERYONE to help and to contribute. I think if you talk to some of these folks one on one you'll find you have a lot of common ground.

SDR256 Good enough for


Good enough for me.  It was nice meeting you tonight.


Likewise! I hope to see you again on Mar. 5. Maybe you can catch some key folks afterwards, or become involved in one of the action groups to air your discussion points and get some satisfactory answers.

Two senior members from

Two senior members from Wake Taxpayers Union, who originally help fund Tart were there. Trust me, they were very disappointed in what he did. I just hope we don't elect turncoats like him. I don't think he will get money from them again.

Anyway G88 for the rest of the blog  --- he was silent or at least well behaved (since I don't know who you were and nobody was disruptive) Amazing!

I'm well behaved most all the time

unless you try to mandate mine or my child's life!

What do you mean "they were disappointed in what he did?"

Which time?!

From the front

As expected the room was standing room only. Several politicians attended including the Mayors of Apex, Cary, and Holly Springs. Representative Dollar discussed the at-large bill. Ron M, Tony Gurley, and Paul Coble representred the BoE and CC's, Dana Cope did attend and speak. NBC17, ABC11, and our Mr Hui were there to cover. I'll let Mr.Hui give his thoughts on the meeting tommorrow.

standing room

Standing room only - would be good to meet other posters here.

At the Meeting

Room filling up fast. Ch 11 TV Here

"give 'em hell, Harry"!!!

"give 'em hell, Harry"!!! wish I was there! :(

At the Meeting

Room filling up fast. Ch 11 TV Here

Self Expression

If the crowd becomes too large tonight, I know enough hand signing in order to express my comments regarding WCPSS to those in the back that can't hear.

Besides isn't RBC a sponsor of Wake Ed Partnership?

I know it doesn't belong to them, but there is symbology.

What about using WCPSS High School Auditoriums?

I think this would be perfect. And I would like to know if they can charge us since this is a school related forum. If a church can meet there, why can't we? I know there might be a cost, but it would be less than the RBC Center.

ROFL. If you think any

ROFL. If you think any principal will risk their job by allowing you to use their school forget it.    Using Churches sounds like a good idea.  I will ask our Fellowships minister .

I like this idea and would

I like this idea and would LOVE to use Leesville High school, since Leesville schools got $crewed pretty good and families there are fired up (and it's practically in Patti's back yard......)

 I can look into it, if we all can agree on place? then I'll be in touch off line....

whoops March 5th

that date won't work there OR for me, that's the high school's open house for rising freshman, drats!!

How about using

Patti's front yard!

I am excited that groups are

I am excited that groups are coming together. The BOE must change for the good of the whole county. Reassignment cost money. If these reassignments are based on numbers that Chuck admitted are not current and that have in some cases changed more than once during the process, it is very possible that we are reassigning folks that don't need to be moved. I spoke to a principal that said he had 100 third graders and the projection for 5th grade in 2 yrs was 80 fifth graders. Wrong! Are 20 going to magically disappear? These type of examples can be seen throughout the county. Isn't it time to go to the governing body that doles out the money for BOE and tell them that we are tired of our money being wasted on reassigments based on bogus numbers? And what genius decided to spend hours on a plan that hinges on a court decision that is soon to be determined. A smarter group would have waited to see the outcome before wasting our money. I'm all for ousting the current members, but lets attack this from all sides. Let's get the current members hopping to expalin why they waste so much time and money. I hope approaching the county commisioners will be an option that will be looked into by these groups.

People did complain in

People did complain in droves to the CC’s. The CC’s then started to through monkey wrenches into the BOE’s plans for MYR. Then the CC’s went Dem and now you could complain that you school was so overcrowded from busing and people opting out of MYR that the kids have to sit on window ledges. The new CC’s  would tell you it gives the kids the experience of what the size of a Freshmen Class will be in College; aren’t they lucky.  

tonights meeting

As I mentioned to the N&O when asked about the capacity for tonights meeting, I said our capacity was 99 individuals and if that is exceeded, we will simply open the door to our hallway for any additions to that number--which I do not expect. Why this is of such specific interest to the N&O is beyone me. We will handle it. Dick Sears, Mayor

Because well,

it must not be politically correct to "directly" oppose the opposers!



I asked about overflow

and was told no one will be turned away. Maybe comments like this are a way to stifle attendance in favor of those being opposed??

Don't be afraid to show up folks, they will make room for us and we WILL start this ball rolling.

Horace Tart, since you're one of the main ones being "opposed" you can stay home and hear about it on the news!


What do you mean by this?

I hope that room is CROWDED. I will sit on someone's lap if I have to!


Guys also keep in mind that

Guys also keep in mind that it's a building with fire marshal size limits as well. Sears said he was expecting 90 to 110 people tonight.

Mr HuiThis blog entry is

Mr Hui

This blog entry is kinda coming across like you do not want people to show up. Fire codes really, I promise people will be happy to stand outside and just show their support.   Did you mean to dissuade people from coming tonight? Thank good for TV news(did I just say that)

When I talked with Kristen

When I talked with Kristen Stocking last week, she was not thrilled with the idea of publishing the time of the meeting in the newspaper. She was concerned about having enough space for everyone, hence the use of an evite form.

OK , sorry I was wrong. Bad

OK , sorry I was wrong. Bad poster bad ; maybe you need a penalty box for posters I  would will willingly go there now.

OK , sorry I was wrong. Bad

OK , sorry I was wrong. Bad poster bad ; maybe you need a penalty box for posters I  would will willingly go there now.

We'll find a way

We'll find a way to include everyone who comes.

"Also remember for every

"Also remember for every parent who wants to show up there is a parent who too wishes he could go but has to entertain clients tonight".

or has to stay home with the kids so hubby can travel to VA to see about a job, doesn't mean I am ANY less involved or excited though.
lots of folks asking about locations for the future too? what are the chances of a NW Raleigh type of venue? ;)

There was an early e-mail

There was an early e-mail stating that the location of the meetings would move around the county.  This is truly a countywide group and that does make sense. 

you are exactly right and we

you are exactly right and we cannot wait to get this rolling!  many many inquiries from my neck of the woods!


Hey AngelaW,

Maybe your group would like to host the next meeting? Think about where in your area would be a good venue.

All for it!!! I'll start

All for it!!! I'll start scouting spots, just tell me when?!!!!

RE: All for it!!! I'll start


Our usual meeting date is the first Thursday of every month.  So, the next meeting date would be Thursday, March 5.  Thanks for scouting the meeting places in your area!

I guess this will be the

I guess this will be the only meeting I make. Oh well, I sent an apology this month to the rest ofthe PTSA board but I can’t miss every month.

How about the RBC Center?

How about the RBC Center?

Re: How about the RBC Center?

Great idea CaryCurmudgeon!

Mudge, you wanna check with

Mudge, you wanna check with them or should I?


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