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Common Sense Matters spent more than $50,000 against Heather Losurdo and Ron Margiotta

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We now know that Common Sense Matters spent $52,448.90 on campaign mailers attacking Wake County school board candidates Heather Losurdo and Ron Margiotta.

A new campaign finance report filed today shows that the 527 group spent $24,526.44 on various mailers trying to link the two candidates to the Tea Party. This comes after a prior report showed the group had spent $27,922.46 on the initial mailers.

Common Sense Matters has been funded by the N.C. Futures Action Fund, which is led by Dean Debnam and which in turn received funding from the N.C. Association of Educators.

We're still waiting for reports from other groups like N.C. Citizens For Protecting Our Schools and the N.C. Futures Action Fund that could show the extent of the money spent by 501 and 527 groups to indirectly help the Democratic school board candidates.


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Isn't it nice to see...

rules set up by republicans coming back to bite them?

 NCAE does not (and is not

 NCAE does not (and is not allowed to) use dues money for political action. Those of us who want to see candidates who care about PUBLIC schools and ALL children,  who put kids before convenience of parents and politics, we contribute extra. In the face of no pay raises and increased in work loads we give our money, because big businessmen think they can buy our elections. We think otherwise. If it were up to me there would be no campaign funding for candidates from outside sources, and candidates WOULD be able to donate to causes like Y-Learning instead. But certain people have changed the game, and educators have no choice but to get in it if we want to keep our free public schools for every student.

"the flea"

Outside money wouldn't be an issue in Wake School Board elections if it weren't for "the flea."- thanks Art.

Money well spent!

I can't think of a better use of 50k. If we continue to elect Tea Party members to our school boards, we're fools. It's like inviting foxes into the hen house. 

I can

52K to the Y-learning program or to communities in school. And by the way, I am a democrat - one who lives her party's principles. The rest of you don't.

All hail...

the one and only true democrat - snordone!

Who are the the Tea Party

Who are the the Tea Party members of the BoE? And, since it is not even really a political party, how do you sign up for it?

Plus, I am VERY interested in learning how NCAE members feel about having their hard-earned membership dues going to political campaigns.

Just a bunch of folks...

who want to take us (and the US) back to 1773 - that's who.

Name them specifically.

Name them specifically.

It's called a PAC

and it's a separate fund. Dues aren't used. Maybe you need to read up on the political process and fundraising before you run your mouth

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