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Civitas Action says Kevin Hill's policies "belong in the past"

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Can you imagine Wake County school board member Kevin Hill as a hippie?

That's the approach in this new campaign mailer sent late last week by Civitas Action that works on the theme that Hill supports failed policies of the past. The group photoshopped an image of Hill wearing a tie-dyed T-shirt and making a peace symbol. It also shows a drawing of a VW bus.

"Just like shag carpet and leisure suits, Kevin Hill's policies were bad, and belong in the past," says the mailer from the conservative advocacy group.

The mailer lists what it calls the "Kevin Hill policy record as chairman and member of the WCPSS Board." It cites annual reassignments of more than 7,000 students a year, "children spending hours on school buses," the 54 percent graduation rate for low-income students in 2008-09, low passing rates for poor and black students and high percentage of minority students who were suspended.

"Kevin Hill supported policies that failed the most vulnerable children," the mailer says. "He supports more busing and Wacky Wednesdays. — Bad for schools and families."

The mailer also says "tell Kevin Hill we can't afford his policies of the past."


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Thank you for illustrating

Thank you for illustrating my point with your words.

Some of those 60s Hippies

grew up and became Tea Party Republicans...  You should watch out who you insult when speaking to the voting public...

"A mind is a terrible thing

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

You're walking proof of that

for sure.

Right On! Far Out! Groovy!

Too bad Civitas doesn't remember that hippies wear tye-dye to not be like the squares in leisure suits at Civitas.

You know, the ones with the shag carpet...on their heads.

Score another brilliant campaign for the Make War, Not Love crowd.

It's always so painful...

.... when rightwingers try to be hip. Oy! Must have gotten a 95-year old retired ad exec to do this mailer.

Civitas forgot to put Losurdo in a cocktail waitress....

dress, right alongside Hill in that mailer?

Ooops! She did not provide them with those photos? I am sure that would have pushed a whole of republicans to vote for her.

No please don't!

I've already seen way too much horror and tragedy in my life, I do NOT need to see a picture of Losurdo in a cocktail dress!

This is eye-opening. I did

This is eye-opening. I did not know the Democrat Party included so many misogynists. Who knew?

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