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Chris Malone questioning Rakestraw's DC donations

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School board candidate Chris Malone is making a campaign issue out of Rita Raketraw's donations from the Washington D.C. area.

In a press release this afternoon, Malone says "25% of Rakestraw’s individual contributors reveal a high profile list of DC based labor unions and other like minded organizations." He accuses her of "donor shopping."

The 25 percent figure is based on the individual contributions in the most recent reporting period of her latest campaign report. It's not referring to the all the individual contributions throughout the entire campaign.

As previously noted on the blog, Rakestraw's campaign has said the D.C. donations are because her parents, Howard and Anne Romaine, are fairly well-known civil rights activists. The campaign has said those donors are family friends.

Click here to read the press release. I'd normally put it here in the blog post but the spacing gets thrown off that way.


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I pray if my candidates win,

I pray if my candidates win, that they will listen to reasonable people on the other side and work for solutions for everybody
If the people who are endorsing them (including current and former BOE members) is any indication, I have no faith that they will. Those people have been informed of ridiculous assignments in the past and they didn't budge. Low income kids who live downtown bused out of an already healthy school get sent to another healthy school located 18 miles away? Didn't matter to the BOE, won't matter to your candidates either.

Rakestraw's DC donations

If Rakestraw is receiving a lot of DC donations from the civil rights crowd up there, it would be interesting to see where those folks (and her parents) stand on school choice for inner city black kids in DC.

Black parents in DC have been begging for school choice in DC. A lot of black civil rights leaders, and Barack Obama!!! took away school choice for poor inner city black kids b/c they're more beholden to teacher's unions. As the Democrat party *always* is.

Malone's kids are not at *private school*, they're at Franklin Academy, a charter school. Hooray for school choice!!

Bill Randall: Diversity & Goldman 4 School Board


Rounding off $1200/$21000 is

Rounding off $1200/$21000 is just over 5%, not 25% Mr. Malone. Way to set an example for our children as a math wiz while you run for school board.


I Think His Math Is Fine, Perry

It's his ethics that are not suitable for children.   He's flat out lying.

And you're flat out

a riot! 

Did you lose an election to him in the past?  You sound angry.

How could I have lost to him

How could I have lost to him since he keeps loosing.  Betty Lou Ward who I did mail for beat him in 2004.  He has lost his last two elections.  In fact, the top two things he lists as qualifications are from a job the voters fired him from.

I wasn't talking to you

I know you think it's ALL about you, but it's not.  "throw the baby out with the bathwater"  boy, you got all your puppets to memorize that line from day didn't you ole boy.  It's lame!

You say " I pray if my candidates win, that they will listen to reasonable people on the other side and work for solutions for everybody"  well, their campaign speeches and statements that others have written for them don't lead me to believe they'd listen to anyone, much less parents.  Oh they might listen to Stan Norwalk tell them which move to make next, but I doubt with your candidates in those seats ANYTHING would change for us, the parents of the children being mistreated by this system!  As the matter of fact, unless they're all liars and do the exact opposite of what we've heard come out of their mouths so far, I would fully expect much more of the same. 

Because that's just about all they seem to support, more of the same!

More anonymous spewing. Not

More anonymous spewing. Not putting your name to it is cowardly.

I've revealed who I am, and I can sleep at night with anything I have written, and my prayer is sincere.

So is mine brother!

So is mine brother!

Kind of like when you say "God bless you, BUT?"

Very sincere.


That is just so offensive and obnoxious. Who the heck are you? 

Chris, Quit Whining About Rita (part 2)

Correction: Chris has 50% of his kids in private and the other 50% in private. So I stand corrected. So does that mean he only 50% in support of WCPSS?? I want to support a candidate who is 100% for the county and distrist he wants to represent, not just 50%. Sounds like Chris is not exactly sure where he stands. And even the good book says that, "a doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways".

You Want To Talk About Karen Simon?

I heard a rumor and I believe it to be true based on the article in the N&O last week.  Karen Simon just moved in to District 7 for the chance to run for the BOE.  I don't believe she lived in district 7 prior to the BOE elections! The neighborhood she lives in is assigned to Leesville Middle and High School.   Do her kids go there?  I don't believe they do!  How's that for hypocritical!

Karen has lived in District

Karen has lived in District 7 since Sept. 2005

Party D
Sex F
DOB (Age) 01/01/1961 (48)
Voting Statu Active
Date Reg 9/8/2005
Race African American

Wow, born on New Year's Day?

Interesting. I'll tell ya Perry if you were working for me and you posted my birthdate I'd be annoyed. Its kinda an invasion of privacy. Don't tell me anyone can get it. That's not the point.  

It is public record, but

It is public record, but you're right, I should have deleated DoB.  I just cut and pasted from the voter file, and didn't think about dob.  I'm confident Karen will forgive me.

That said, the point was she didn't just move into the district to run as claimed by previous posters.

Actually, upon further

Actually, upon further review, her birthday is likely not new years.  That is how BoE lists file so you just get age, not DoB.

Yeah, well - labels

Just saying that there are some people who love labels and some people who admire people and find the labels limiting and small. 

That we agree on.

That we agree on.


Well, then, let's install a system that will STOP labeling children and deal with them personally, shall we? This F&R = at-risk = failure crap is sucking the life out of our most vulnerable children! Perry! I'm telling you - you are not a bad person - but you have to look at this clearly. What are you doing? You have to look at what you are doing, what you are contributing to. I know where my heart is. Do you?

Have you ever been labeled in your life? I have. And they have not always brought me forward. I have found exaltation in shedding some labels.  I have found labels hurtful because they have not recognized me as a whole person. 

And to have a WHOLE SYSTEM that labels children and puts them in little boxes so as to MOVE them - something traumatic for a child - anywhere it likes?

When you are a parent you'll finally understand how devastating this really is - deeply, truly, at the heart and at the bone. This labeling of children is rotten.  

I know clearly where my

I know clearly where my heart is, and i'm open to most any idea.  I believe we should and must do better by these kids, but there is no evidence to convince me that concentrating ED, F&R, or however you refer to them in high poverty schools will serve them better.  In fact, there is lots of evidence that will be the kiss of death to those kids.

That is the crux of the difference.  I pray if my candidates win, that they will listen to reasonable people on the other side and work for solutions for everybody, and if WSCA candidates win, they will not throw the baby out with the bathwater, and consign ED students to high poverty schools that will balkanize our County, and spiral downwards.

As to being labled in life, it happens to me most days on this very blog.   I do agree with you however that it should be our goal to help every child throw off the shackles of how they are labeled.

Thank you for a reasonible post.

Our County

Our county already is balkanizing, and it is a result of boiling down of complex ideas to sound bites. No one at WSCA said that we would EVER promote high poverty schools so those kids could fail. What an awful, evil thing to accuse people of wanting to do! I saw what this system was doing to my own children and then was sickened by seeing and understanding how exponentially worse it is for at-risk children. It was honestly what propelled me forward WAAAAY outside my comfort zone to fight for change.

What we would like WSCA candidates to do is to be flexible and consider a VARIETY of creative solutions behind Door #3. What we get currently from WCPSS is a failing old, tired out idea - one idea - that everyone MUST march to or they are called a racist. This system is rigid and dictatorial. Its like having toast and water for every meal and being made to claim you are nourished. We need openness and conversation and fresh ideas. ALL Wake County kids need academic nourishment, nurturing and opportunity. Don't you think those would be good things to have?

Today they are failing Perry. THEY ARE FAILING. We must help save them! The old song and dance just aren't gonna fly anymore.  


Wrong & wrong.

50%? Chris has 3 children.

Charter schools are not private.

I can tell you're a Rita supporter. Just making it up as you go, huh?




Excuse me?

Did you just say 50% in private and 50% in private? What was your point? 

I haven't asked Chris pointedly about how he has solved the WCPSS puzzle for his kids - he hasn't asked me either. We just vehemently agreed as parents that the status quo solution is wrong - oh so wrong. NO one is benefitting except the system! If he is smart enough to find a solution for his children - more power to him. He is paying attention and is a creative problem solver. 


You are saying he has absolutely no idea what he plans to do to improve the school system.  Sounds like a great vote of confidence.

Oh, so sorry

I didn't include every conversation or utterance I've witnessed with Chris. I've also have not listed everything I've seen him eat. 

So, from my witnessed interaction with Chris - I know that he will listen and work with parents. I know that as a parent he is himself frustrated with WCPSS. I know that he would like kids to attend schools more locally than they do now. I know he is committed to seeing that all kids achieve more academically. 

I have not attended every event Chris has spoken at, but this is enough for me.  

charter schools are not

charter schools are not private, sounds like YOU are not exactly sure of the facts.

 "Thy tongue deviseth mischiefs; like a sharp razor, working deceitfully. Thou lovest evil more than good; and lying rather than to speak righteousness. Selah. Thou lovest all devouring words, O thou deceitful tongue."



Rita is not hiding the problem...

We need to figure out what the problem is as a COUNTY community, not as "our little segragated, we all think alike, so lets just separate our kids from those kids and our kids will thrive communities". You nor your kids can live in a bubble. You will have to interact with everyone at some point. What happens when more and more people in the U.S. no longer look like you or your neighbor, then what??

I Talked to Rita and She Didn't Have A Clue!

I did actually talk to Rita about the situations our families were encountering.  Her response to me what...that's a shame!  I lost respect for her immediately after that response. 

Let's see, when I look at

Let's see, when I look at my street we have 15 houses.  3 are black families and one is asian.  I feel pretty good that my kids aren't in a bubble.   Our elem school is about 1/3 white, 1/3 black and 1/3 latino/asian and NOBODY has to be 'bused in'.  

You might want to adjust your stereotypes of who you think advocates of change are and where we live.


and prejudging what motivates people. YOU are in DIRE need of some diversity training and you REALLY need to get out more.

You want to figure out the problem as a COUNTY and the first thing you do is throw out a bunch of bigoted, unfounded assumptions about people you don't even know. Spare me.

"What happens when more and more people in the U.S. no longer look like you or your neighbor"

Maybe you'd better make sure you are sitting down because apparently this will come as a shock to you - THEY ALREADY ARE NEIGHBORS. There are affluent white, A-A, Latinos, and Asians. There are middle-class white, A-A, Latinos and Asians. There are low-income white, A-A, Latinos, and Asian people too. Wow and guess what, they live ALL OVER this county. Oh, I know it's getting to be a lot to take, but not all white people think alike, and not all A-A people think alike, not all Latinos think alike, and not all Asians think alike either. Hopefully, now you can get past that little hang-up of yours so it doesn't cloud things.

The problem is we've been bussing and shuffling kids, among other things like limiting magnet access, to try to force a certain demographic mix in the schools, instead of using innovative solutions to address the achievement gap and underlying issues. Also, we've been saddling low-income communities with low-expectations and defeatism. Then it's been packaged as "no bad schools" and we should keep on doing it.

Increase the tolerance for

Increase the tolerance for risk.

Most people have a low tolerance for change and are inclined to adopt and maintain a practice only if it fits comfortably with what they already do. If the fit is too close, however, the change isn’t actually a change. And if the fit is too distant, it won’t even be considered. The challenge, then, is finding the “sweet spot” of change, where the new practice or program doesn’t challenge risk tolerance too much, yet is sufficiently different from current practice to move the change trajectory in a positive direction. Reforms need to make us feel uncomfortable if we are going to bring about changes that will last. Discomfort means we are truly doing something different.



Are you going to address the lie in your first post? Or just ignore Mr. Hui's correction?

I think you've lost any credibility already.



Wrong again. But good try.

Rakestraw, on the other hand, doesn't even have children in the school system. She is so disconnected from the reality of education in Wake County that she doesn't even believe there are mandatory YR assignments. And, in her interview with News14, the reporter had to explain what Student Assignment was.

The current Board just voted to create a new magnet policy that will restrict certain families/nodes from being able to attend a magnet school. This is their idea of increasing academics at certain schools. Rita will continue to perpetuate the attitude of "healthy" schools by adjusting school populations rather than actually providing programs to students in need. We don't need people like Rita who support hiding the problem.

nice catch

on that 25 percent clam.  

Chris, Quit whining about Rita...

You are a father, but I am curious as to which WCPSS school our kids attend? I missed your answer on that. Oops! Could it be because they are private schools?? Shhhhhh!!! Don't tell anyone!!

Plenty of parents

Chris' kids attend a charter school? I didn't know that.  In a charter school they don't pay tuition, but you still have to choose it. So, that tells me he is exceptionally smart and paying attention and a good parent. YAY! Even better candidate than I thought!

So, about choice.... I don't know the correlation of charter and private but I know the the national average of private school attendance is 8%. In Wake County it is 18% and it would be more if there were more private schools. You want to continue this hemorraging from public to private? Continue with the healthy school policy that puts education on the back burner. Families who are paying attention to their kids know when they are not getting what they need. Don't beat up families whose kids are in private school. They are not the problem. A system that is sending them running like from a wild fire away from public school - many of them public school SUPPORTERS - is the problem. How many additional are MAGNET school choosers or Charter school choosers? Wow. that might be close to 30% by my reckoning. Wow. That's a wild thought. ....How many parents are CHOOSING to leave the robotic - mindnumbing - INeffective solutions of Wake County? How about the ones who are rejected? Maybe that gets upward of 50%? 60%? 

What I do know is that WCPSS, WEP and N&O clones will never tell you.  

Any candidate - any parent - who is making sure their kid is getting the best education AND would like to translate that to ALL kids - because of what they've learned through this painful process of educating your kids in Wake County is someone to call up and ask how they did it.  I want someone SMART who can solve problems differently in charge of my kids, thank you very much. Not the small minded robots currently in charge.  Those who have recognized the problem, solved it for their own kids and are charging forward to solve it for all kids are the ones I want! I want those who have already winnowed their way through this cloud of misinformation. 

So, Chris Malone's kids attending Franklin Academy tells me that he is a smart and concerned father.  YAY! I only wish I could vote for you Chris! Rock ON. 

His kis attend public

His kis attend public schools.  But, if this is an area of interest to you, check the roster of the newly-formed "Friends of Diversity" and you'll find some there that have kids in private schools.

Malone has two kids at

Malone has two kids at Franklin Academy, a charter school, and one at Wake Forest-Rolesville High School.

I'm getting the impression

I'm getting the impression that some may not have intepreted the reply clearly. Malone has three children. His oldest child attends Wake Forest-Rolesville High. HIs two youngest children attend a charter school called Franklin Academy. Charter schools are public schools but they're independent of the school districts they're located in.

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