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Carolyn Morrison on not endorsing school board candidates

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Wake County school board member Carolyn Morrison says she's not endorsing school board chairman Ron Margiotta in his re-election bid even though she appeared at his campaign kickoff event.

Morrison said she attended Margiotta's July 18 event as a sign of respect to the board's longest serving member. She said he respected how he persevered as a member of the board's minority for several years.

But Morrison said she's not planning on endorsing Margiotta, his District 8 opponent Susan Evans or any other candidate in this fall's races. She said she might change her mind if there are run-off contests.

Morrison pointed to how she had chosen not to run for election because of her concern about the races becoming too partisan.

Morrison said she attended the event as Margiotta's guest and was told she didn't have to give a contribution.

Morrison's appearance caught the eye of some people considering how she disagrees with Margiotta on issues such as the old diversity policy.

In fact, a press release from state Rep. Paul Stam, Margiotta's honorary campaign chairman, notes Morrison's presence at the event.

"Among those attending were State Representatives Marilyn Avila, Nelson Dollar and Tom Murry and event host, Paul Stam along with special guest NC House Speaker Pro-Tem Dale Folwell," the press release says. "County Commissioner Tony Gurley was present along with area mayors, Ronnie Williams of Garner, Frank Eagles of Rolesville, Dick Sears of Holly Springs and Keith Weatherly of Apex.  

Town Council members Mike Jones, Gene Schulze and Lance Olive from Apex and Linda Williams of Holly Springs and Charlie Adcock of Fuquay-Varina also were in attendance. School Board members John Tedesco, Chris Malone, Deborah Prickett and Carolyn Morrison were also their to show support."

Margiotta leaves out any reference to the school board members in the version of the press release he sent out.


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Indeed Ms. V, Dr. Morrison is a class act...

Dr. Morrison as Ms V alludes to is a class act. With her considerable experience in public education she performed graciously on the school board and sadly is leaving it - with considerable class. It's noteworthy that she voted against the GOP's Gang of 5's questionable decisions on many occasions and wrote an open letter objecting to the GOP majority hiring a military general (Tata) to run our school district. 

Paula, "Independent, Fair & Speaking Up for MY Kids."

Yes, we know, you dislike

Yes, we know, you dislike Tata. Where do you think your constant criticism of him is going to get you? What is the point if it? He is highly respected and is here to stay.

Here to stay?

Woodie, superintendents typically have a shelf life of 2.6 years. Superintendents with no or a very limited background (noneducators) in education have an even shorter tenure on average. A prime example of that is the successful publicist that Mayor Bloomberg recently appointed to run NY city's public schools - she lasted 2 weeks my friend. LA Schools' Admiral couldn't cope and bailed on their public schools. Superintendents are expendable and come and go - typically with the rotation of new school board members or public opinion. I would suggest you be careful in how you choose to word your overconfidence, eg. "here to stay." That said, I hope the general is here in 5 years as that would mean that he may have been successful at both maintaining and improving our high quality public school system. Most people can pull off 1-2 years as a superintendent.

Regarding your prior reference to your "Fab 5": I'm sure they're just that to Tea Party activists! Interesting that you would include Goldman in your "Fab 5" (unless you're excluding her and putting in Tata?!). You have frequently expressed your STRONG dislike for Goldman in this forum.

Paula, "Independent, Fair & Speaking Up for MY Kids."


Cathie Black was there for just over 3 months, not 2 weeks.  And, she was a successful PUBLISHER, not PUBLICIST.  Her biggest problem was running her mouth off and losing public support almost instantly.  Tata is clearly not following in her footsteps.

But, if you're going to refer to Black, then you also have to consider her predecessor, Joel Klein, who was there for a little under 9 years.

Oh, and average Superintendent tenure is approximately 3.5 years -- http://www.cgcs.org/Pubs/Urban_Indicator_08-09.pdf, and that's current tenure, not how long they spend in office.  (Some of the people counted as < 1 year will be in their jobs for 5-6.)

So Paula's screwin' up the

So Paula's screwin' up the facts again. What else is new?

I hear factcheck.org has had to add a couple of staffers since Paula joined the Wake Ed blog.


"Jeffery1", you're stretching it my friend by trying to have us believe there is a difference of any signifcance between 3 month or 2 week terms as a superintendent of NY City Schools - either way both are incredibly SHORT tenures for a noneducator appointed as superintendent trying to run a school system - that was my main point that you're trying to lose in a smokescreen.  Seems you're still mighty hungover from the 2 days of online binge drinking (your child-like prank postings) we all had to endure a week or two back in this forum when you apparently lost your mind. You've previously stated credibility as being important - keeping that in mind you might want to leave attacks on me to Woodstock as you risk gradually losing any you may retain with independent readers when you overstate things, or take things out of context, in your attempts to villify me in this forum. I'm not perfect, but nor are you. I'm just saying...    :)

Paula, "Independent, Fair & Speaking Up for MY Kids."

Speaking of credibility....

I thought your main point was that Superintendents, espescially those with a non-traditional background, only held onto their jobs for a short period of time.  If your main point was that Black was there for only a short period of time, OK, but so what?  What about Joel Klein? What evidence do you have that Black is the more typical of the two?

And, speaking of your main point, where did you get the 2.6 years?  That's a very precise number, but is clearly wrong.

Why do you call Jeffery1 your 'friend' then go on to insult him?  

Bob, "Trustworthy, loyal, brave, clean and reverent."

BobSconce, we're splitting hairs on this topic!

Dr. Theodore Kowalski, Professor in Educational Administration, University of Dayton, states that the average tenure of a superintendent of a large urban district (WCPSS is one of the largest in the nation) is just under three years. Now "Bob" you can continue to nit-pick or split hairs on this one if you want, but either way I was never far off the actual short tenure average for school superintendents (especially for large school districts) - even though you seem to be obsessed with your efforts to describe me as "clearly wrong". I would describe my initial estimate as "close enough". To add to that the 3 1/2 year tenure average for ALL districts is not that far off my 2.6 yr estimate - now if it was a 6 plus years versus 2.6 average then you could start to think about doing your big song and dance accompanied by "she's wrong, she's wrong..."  and do so with more clout.                    :)

Paula, "Independent, Fair & Speaking Up for MY Kids."

As Bob says, wouldn't

As Bob says, wouldn't average tenure be a measure of how long each current superintendent has been in place? These superintendents are still in place, and unless they are replaced, their time in the job continues to grow, right?

? cite?

Note that tenure is how they've been there, not how long the job lasts.

LOL I don't need to "attack"

LOL I don't need to "attack" you. Good lord, the only thing I -- and others -- need to do is merely point out the lies, deception  and misinformation you routinely spew.

Woodstock's attacks...


I don't think it's unfair to describe the various gems (name calling) that you have thrown my way, and at others, in this forum as "attacks". Warranted or unwarranted in your mind they are "attacks" all the same. Admittedly others have had their juvenile moments too, but you tend to be more consistent rather than the occasional "hit and run" jobs, or extreme nit-picking, that your online pals come up with.

Paula, "Independent, Fair & Speaking Up for MY Kids."

Sure, whatever... you've

Sure, whatever... you've just become background noise. You can blame that on your lies and deceptions. But, please stay tuned, it could get "interesting" for you...

"Background noise"?

...really Woodstock? I just have to write one line in this forum and I immediately get pounced on by YOU, BobSconce, Jeffery1, Sideburns and others that think alike ie., revere Ronnie M and the GOP's school board majority and refuse to question their errors or lack of good judgment on occasions. Oddly, I seem to get a lot of attention for someone that is merely "background noise". Maybe you fear that where there's smoke, there's fire? Because the four to five of you are persistently quick to try to "put me out" these days! I'm just saying...  :)

Paula, "Independent, Fair & Speaking Up for MY Kids."

...anybody hear that?

...anybody hear that?

If Paula posts from the

If Paula posts from the middle of a forest, does she make a sound?

nails on a chalkboard?

nails on a chalkboard?

sorry I missed it, I was

sorry I missed it, I was spending the $800.00 I saved in sales tax after buying my new Lexus.......



Thanks Dr. Morrison

Dr. Morrison and her husband graciously allowed me to sit with them as they attentively listened to Ron's remarks. She is leaving the board with class and her head held high. Venita Peyton

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