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Carolina Journal on Obama, Democrats and the Wake school board elections

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The Carolina Journal is exploring the potential link between President Barack Obama's re-election campaign and Democratic efforts to regain the majority on the Wake County school board.

Today's article in the Carolina Journal, which is published by the conservative John Locke Foundation, focuses on a June 23 meeting of the Obama For America Southern Wake Grassroots Planning Session. CJ notes how the group said one of the purposes of the meeting was to address the school board elections.

"The election, ostensibly nonpartisan, has attracted national interest. And while local Democratic officials say they have received no direct support from the Obama for America campaign, there’s little doubt that a Democratic sweep coupled with the defeat of (school board chairman Ron) Margiotta in October would ripple far beyond Wake County," according to the article.

Mack Paul, chairman of the Wake County Democratic Party, denied that the national Obama for America campaign planned any direct involvement in the Wake County school board race. Paul told Carolina Journal that the Obama campaign has not given any money to support Democrats running for the school board “at this time.”

Tammy Brunner, also with the Wake County Democratic Party, told CJ that a volunteer organized the event. The organizer was not a paid campaign staffer.

“I wish the Obama campaign was getting involved, but the Wake Democratic Party is very much targeting the school board elections,” Brunner said in the article.

CJ also notes a June 26 Newsweek article titled “Obama’s 2012 Game Plan.” Newsweek described Wake’s new school board as “an aggressive conservative majority” and stressed that the key for a Democratic victory locally and nationally will be getting the base to turn out in large numbers out of “fear of the other side."

"Such national interest in a local election has some of those who fought to elect the conservative majority concerned that the needs of Wake County students and parents may be swept aside to advance a larger political agenda," CJ writes. "Many believe that Democrats intend to restore policies that have been eliminated."


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if we make policy 6200 the issue

we will lose, and we will pull Obama down with us. But it will force a change in local party leadership, which would be best for us in the long run.

"Pulling Obama down" sounds

"Pulling Obama down" sounds like a good thing. What is your point? The country -- as we know it -- won't survive another Obama term. It will be hard enough surviving the first one.

Obama's popularity has

Obama's popularity has vastly declined even among kids.  When my kids were in middle school it was very unpopular to be rooting for anyone other than Obama.  Now that they are older and done the mock debates in AP Gov class, well, the person that had Buchanan (often thought to be the worst president ever) beat Obama and Lincoln presentations.  If the debt limit situation gets mishandled, Obama will get much of the blame.

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