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Carlene Lucas stops campaign for Wake school board seat

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It looks like it's now just a three-person race for the District 2 school board seat.

Carlene Lucas has told the Wake Education Partnership that she is no longer actively campaigning in District 2. Like Chris Augustine, who also stopped actively campaigning, she'll still be on the ballot.

Lucas was admittedly a long-shot candidate to win in District 2, which covers Garner, Fuquay-Varina and Willow Spring. She planned to spend less than $3,000 and didn't have the backing of any of the major groups.

Lucas will also not be attending tonight's candidate forum. This should give more time to the remaining active candidates: incumbent Horace Tart, John Tedesco and Cathy Truit.


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I have talked with Carlene

I have talked with Carlene and she said that she is going to continue her campaign because she has been contacted by several people asking her to continue. She said she decided to stop because she was financially unable to continue because most of her support lies in communities where families do not have the resources to support her. I believe she is truly what the school board needs and I ask you to help her campaign by donating today at https://www.completecampaigns.com/FR/contribute.asp?campaignid=TogetherWeCan and check out her website www.carlenelucas.com.

That's nice

but how about we vote where the votes can do some good?  Arnie said he was still running too, do you really think either one is a contender?  Just asking.

If they're not contenders

If they're not contenders than why do you continue posting on about them.  This blog is dominated by supporters of WSCA, but there are many supporters of the other candidates.  Carlene is the only candidate who has children who are and were in the Wake School System.  In fact, a member of the WSCA mentioned that he wished the group had heard of her earlier.  They rushed to make an endorsement before the filing period even ended.  But Carlene has chosen to put the interests of our children above special interests.

John has lived here a little over two years, he doesn't fully understand our system.  He has time and again put special interests above the education of our children by playing politics with the groups. 



Sill voting for Lucas

Although she has stopped actively campaigning, I still plan to vote for Carlene. Unlike the others, she is not a politician and truly wants what is best for all WCPSS students. She did not seek the endorsement of any political party because these groups should not have control over the education of our children.

Mr. Tedesco is playing a true politician by telling every group what they want to hear and even brings in party politics. This election is supposed to be about the children, not about saying what groups want to hear to win the endorsements and financial backing of them. Does Mr. Tedesco really have a plan or is he just using political policies to further his own political career. Yes, John has done some good work with children, but in one of his posts, he made it seem as if underprivaleged groups owed him. When you serve the public you should never expect people to owe you, you do what is in the best interest of the people.

I know many people will argue with this, but it is just my point of view. I just wish that politics were removed from school board elections.

tired of Tart

I plan to tell everyone I know what a poor job he has done for the schools.

2 down

care to make it 3 and end our misery now Horace Tart?

Re: 2 Down

No such luck...his arrogance will always get the better of him.  I can only hope that there are enough District 2 voters tired of him!

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