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The non-WSCA school board candidates are complaining about the alleged tactics of their opponents.

Karen Simon's campaign says that their campaign signs on Lumley Road in Brier Creek were removed while those for Deborah Prickett remained. it's being called a case of "unsportsmanlike behavior."

Last week, Democratic political consultant Perry Woods said four Debra Goldman signs were put in County Commissioner Stan Norwalk's front yard while he was hosting an event for candidate Lois Nixon.


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That makes a rather large

That makes a rather large and inaccurate assumption that only property taxes pay for schools budget.

As well, some of these numbers also include Wake Tech.  Here they are again.

$260 Million CIP + $313.5 Million OP = $573.5 Million
Wake County
$903 Million CIP + $953.6 Million Op = $1.8566 Billion
573.5/1856.6 = 30.89%


Perry, I listed all sources

Perry, I listed all sources of tax revenue, not just property taxes.

The back of my bill

The back of our recent property tax bill says:

"This bill is based on your recent registration/renewal. It covers the period of 12/01/2008 through 11/30/2009

How your County Property Tax Dollar is spent:

Wake County Schools - Operating 52.250%

Wake County Schools - Capital 23.673%"

52.250 + 23.673 = 75.923%

So its worse than I thought.  Thanks for making me look. 

If you look at the actual

If you look at the actual budget passed last year here


 You will see on page 13 that WCPSS are actualy 20% of this year CIP (capital improvement budget) and on page 9 it states that Education including Wake Tech is $330,516,774 of a $953,600,000 budget.  No matter how you slice it, not 72%.

Call David Cook and ask him.

You're really good at this Perry

Its a real technique you have, answering a question that wasn't asked or maintaining an answer off topic. I wasn't talking about the budget. I was talking about what they take out of my pocket. They may add other sources to it, and then spend it as they like. It doesn't change the fact that my family has paid a property tax bill and 75% of that is for the schools. It would be one thing if they were effective with what they take from us. 


Why do you continue to harp
on a percentage that is as expected. 
Most of the services provided in Wake county are provided by the
individual towns and not the county. 
Education is one of the few things that is provided by the County so the
percentage should be high.  Overall it is
still extremely cheap relative to the state and the rest of the country.  My parents live in rural Michigan and pay
twice as much for half the land value. 


This percentage is similar to other counties who have a similar makeup, but in msot cases is much more expensive. 

What I heard Lois Nixon say is that

72% of your Wake County taxes are NOT spent on education, which is an incorrect statement.

So, it seems people are talking about apples (county tax) and oranges (county budget).

It is not property taxes

It is not property taxes alone that pay for schools.  You are correct about apples and oranges.  Bottom line, about 30.8% of Wake County's budget, aka tax dollars, goes to education.

So, it's 72% of Wake prop tax + X% of all other taxes and fees

How much in other taxes and fees in addition to the 72% of my county paid tax go to schools? 

I'm not opposed to better funding of education, but want the horse before the cart. First the system needs to get its priorities straight, find efficiencies, reallocate fat to where it should be, and then ask for more if still needed. 


oh just stop the whining! while the Stan "incident" was a week or more ago, has anyone seen the WEATHER lately? perhaps all this wind and rain blew them over Karen.....I've seen that happen here with Deborah's signs as well....

dear god, why don't you spend time studying the issues instead of worrying about a sign????

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