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Anger over school board election results

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The anger among supporters of the diversity policy over Tuesday's school board election results is hard not to notice.

Check this post on the liberal Stinging Nettle blog called "Forward to 1948!"

"Tuesday the voters of Wake County decided to urinate all over Harold Webb's legacy and soundly rejected socioeconomic diversity as a goal in education," according to the blog. "In so doing, they handed the reins of the best school system in North Carolina over to the anti-busing, anti-magnet school, anti-diversity, anti-year round, anti-sex ed, anti-science, anti-arts, anti-tax right wing. Let's hear it for Topeka!"

The blog also says it's warning the new school board members it will keep any eye on them.

"I'm ready for Deborah Prickett, et al, to call for tax increases to build the innumerable new schools that their "neighborhood schools" policy is going to require," according to the blog. "And if they think they will be able to cannibalize the budgets of schools in established areas of town just to build their realtor friends some shiny new educational palaces in Apex and Wake Forest without a fight, they're REALLY kidding themselves."


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Cathy Truitt

How about Cathy Truitt's realtor and developer friends?

And my conservative coauthor would probably

resent being called a "liberal blog." But thanks for the mention, Mr. Hui.

I agree, he should have

I agree, he should have called it an elitest blog.


That is one of the funniest and most pathetic rants I've seen in a long time. What a left wingnut!

I think the real backlash

I think the real backlash will come next year when people who did not vote or pay attention start getting bumped out of the good schools by a people closer to the school..

You Mean Similar to What The Current Policy Is!

Your bumped out of a good school like what is being done today?  You make it sound like that's going to be something new.  I would expect there will be some reassignments as a result, but I would hope that once I'm reassigned I know I will be apart of that school and can build those relationships without fear of being moved again in the years to come!  I will happily move if that is what I can be promised!

P.S.  People that say they are being moved out of a great school into a not so great school are usually wrong.  Most of the time it's about leaving a school you have built relationships and feel comfortable.  In most cases people don't really know anything about that other school except what they perceive via test scores and hear through the rumor mill!

If thousand of kids are

If thousands of kids are being bussed all over the county than if they come back to their neighborhood school they will bump some non-neighborhood kid out who has been at the school, made friends and whose parents are involved in the PTA  ….

Yes but those

Yes but those non-neighborhood kids will be going back to their neighborhood school....

You can thank the current and past BOEs for the huge mess.  I certainly don't expect the mess to be fixed over night.  It will take years as it took years to create it.  What I'll be looking for from the new board is logical, data supported, family and student friendly decisions that are working towards a goal of academically challenging schools that are focused on the needs of their community.  

What if they don't want to

What if they don't want to go back to their neighborhood school ... the kids have lots of friends, the teachers have really made a difference, the parents have invested in the PTA , they formed a community ... why do they get bumped?


Exactly - it's a gordian knot..... but I have faith in the new board to do the best they can and not repeat what's been going on in the past with arbitrary reassignments all in the name of diversity, when it was really about something else. (tho the N&O will never follow the money here to find out)

 I don't expect a mass reassignment this year - I will be happy with a baby step in the right direction.

"Exactly - it's a gordian

"Exactly - it's a gordian knot"

the fact that kids have friends at the school they are in which are a different income / race is a problem that needs to be undone?   why do you want to put such a hardship on all these kids to gather the neighborhood kids under one roof?

Hardship? Here's my

Hardship? Here's my example. We were arbitrarily reassigned out of Leesville Middle this year. Would our neighborhood be happy to be assigned back? You betcha. And a bonus would be to undo the wasteful last minute YR conversion of that school. Our assignment had nothing to do with growth and was purely done for our numbers. (Fr%)
There are so many layers to consider here that your question is really simplistic. Let's let the new board do their job. At least I know they will be focused on the education of all the students, and not only focused on an illusion of 'healthy schools.'


You're right - they've  inherited a mess.

When there is a question...

I hope they will go and ask the community. They need some kind of survey process/system. 

The Community Should Also Include Teachers!

The community should also include teachers.  There have been teachers that tried to talk to Del and the current BOE and they were told to basically back off!  They are a critical piece of this effort!  They should be allowed to give their feedback and ideas without fear of reprecussion!

DFL Ran to be the Chairman of the Wake County Democrats a Few Ye

DFL Ran to be the Chairman of the Wake County Democrats a Few Years back.

this is just sad and

this is just sad and shameful......my goodness such hate....

he's not wrong; he's just

he's not wrong; he's just shrill and contemptuous.


but he's not wrong.


In fact, I'd venture that he a lot less nice of a person than the anti-WCPSS crowd. 

 Still doesn't make him wrong.

Better yet, I'd like to see the new BOE members prove him wrong!

I'm actually a pretty nice guy

And that was hardly my worst rant.

Was it the most ignorant and

Was it the most ignorant and baseless? Or, can you even take that to another level? I'm and just trying to get a gauge for the stupidity to ensue.

You need to be more to be

You need to be more to be more tolerant and not think other opinions are stupid and baseless ... you are not the billiant beacon of enlightment you think you are ...

Now that's the spirit!

"Better yet, I'd like to see the new BOE members prove him wrong"

Care to make a wager on that challenge? Or are you too afraid, deep down, that perhaps YOU may be wrong?

I hope they DO prove him

I hope they DO prove him wrong...that's my point.


I really do hope the actions of the new board refute every one of his points. Nothing would make me happier.

FYI DrFrankLives is John D. Burns

He's a lawyer for Hunton & Williams. Here is his bios page :

not that I care

but did it make you feel better to post this?




" And when they come to take my kids out of Lynn Road and put them in Jeffery's Grove, well... let's just say they ain't seen nothing yet." http://stinging-nettle.blogspot.com/2009/10/forward-to-1948.html Oh so now that your feet might be in the fire you will put up a fight? Tell me what will you do? Aint seen nothing yet. Going to take WCPSS to court? Oh thats right its not ok for Wakecares to file a lawsuit to stop a forced lifestyle change on some children and not others? But I guess you were safe and now you might not....hmmm interesting. How is it that you complacent people put it when they converted the 22? Change is good. Change is good. Get over it! The voters have spoken whether it was a low turnout or not. It was a landslide and that speaks volumes.

JGE is Already Getting The Lynn Road Kids!

LOL!  Since Lynn Road didn't pass their AYPs this year, they are already a lot of kids that have opted out to JGE.  I've meet 7 personally.  Since JGE is a great school I guess they are complaining because they don't want to leave their current school.  WOW...sounds like the hell that a lot of people have been living for years under the current policy.  Getting ripped out of their school once they have established ties is not fair and no fun!  That's why a lot of us fought for change!

this is incorrect

They passed them this year.  And we chose to stay with Lynn Road because the one place that Lynn Road did not improve its scores was in a very limited range of kids with learning disabilities.  So you know, that's a fact.

 You also missed the point of my post.  I'm looking forward to seeing those who have fought against mandatory reassignments start reassigning people.  I intend to hold them to their prior arguments.  I look forward to seeing those who have fought bond referenda figure out how to build schools without money. 

And I will watch very closely on their decisions of curriculum and educational policy - they were clearly NOT elected to reverse course on those issues. 

And, replying up thread, I have never run to be Chairman of the Wake County Democratic Party.  I was a vice chairman and I ran for another vice chairmanship when the County party elected a Chairperson of a different gender than the prior chairman (complicated party rules too arcane to go into here).  I lost to my good friend Blaise Strenn in a close vote.  No shame in that.  But I would never be nuts enough to run for chairman.



BE careful....

That you don't mix what the candidates said they wanted to do with things that other opponents of the outgoing board said.  It's easy to paid with too broad a brush.

I hope you are right

Like Jones Sausage said, I hope they prove me wrong.  But I'm not expecting it.

finally somebody gets what

finally somebody gets what I was driving at.



I think we all get what you were driving at.

We just wonder if you are willing to participate in a solution rather than just complain about others who are already doing just that. What have you done to make a positive difference?

maybe I really have been

maybe I really have been being way too subtle.


my bad.

I echo this

I am very interested to see the new board adopt policies that don't include reassignment.  If my child is reassigned under this new board, do I have the right to simply raise cain and scream and hollar on this blog?

There won't be any more

There won't be any more reassignments under the new board.

As new schools are built, it

As new schools are built, it is inevitible that there will be some reassignment; that seems kind of obvious. But, to answer your question, yes, if you can find a way to "scream and hollar" on a blog, have at it.

Well it should be

Well it should be entertaining now blaming the new crew for all that is bad in the world … scanning every report and metric for bad news to pin on the new members … surely, there will be some county that is doing better with Pacific Islanders that these new candidates are neglecting … now we can blame them for every overcrowded classroom, fight that breaks out, bus that breaks down, classroom without books or heat, etc .…


But, you have the right (subject to the whims of our hosts) to raise cain and scream and hollar even if your kid isn't reassigned, or even if you don't have kids.

I think you're putting up a strawman -- to my recollection, nobody said that they were going to end all reassignments; that would be idiotic.  What do you do when a new school opens? 

I agree Bob, just a

I agree Bob, just a strawman.  I've never heard anybody say they would end all reassignments either.

of course you do

for that is what passes as reasoned political discourse these days.



Pardon me if I am mistaken,

Pardon me if I am mistaken, but aren't you the guy who authored the "urinating on Harold Webb's legacy?" Is that an example of "reasoned political discourse?"

And shouldn't that be Vernon

And shouldn't that be Vernon Malone's legacy?  Thankfully Webb is recovering.

Certainly Sen. Malone's as well.

Probably more so.  But Commissioner Webb, as a former educator and champion of the school system, is due his share of the credit as well.

Who built the shiny new palace?

Hey Stinging nettlers,
It's your pro diversity buddies who built 2 brand new elementary "palaces" right next to each other (in Wake Forest). Your buddies who care SO SO much about minorities didn't build a shiny new palace in the poor kids' neighborhood.

Hammering the same bent nail

Instead of fixing the nail or getting a new nail, some people just keep
banging on the same bent nail. It didn't work--busing for diversity did NOT work, so why not look at WHY it didn't work instead of continuing to demand the same old unworkable solution?
Time to move forward--busing for diversity has failed.

"And if they think they

"And if they think they will be able to cannibalize the budgets of schools in established areas of town just to build their realtor friends some shiny new educational palaces in Apex and Wake Forest without a fight, they're REALLY kidding themselves."

Yeah, just like Apex and Cary defeated the board's proposal for mandatory year round. And how they convinced the Board that Lacy should be converted also so they can share the burden. oh yeah, they didn't.

nettle also says: "So the parents who whined about reassignment are about to start reassigning students all over the place - enforcing a policy that requires you to go to the school nearest your house - regardless of how crappy or overcrowded that school might be"

not sure that's accurate - surely nothing is happening overnight. too much straw man going on to be persuasive there.

"Few things are more fun than being an angry voter with an outlet for publication. Let's see what they propose."

what's the outlet? the blog?

This post is just to

This post is just to acknowledge that I read Stinging Nettle's post. No comment is required. That thing can stand -- or fall -- on its own merits.

I wonder how many Stinging

I wonder how many Stinging Nettle people were out at the polls yesterday supporting the status quo candidates. I wonder how much of their own time and money they sacrificed to support the candidates they think should have won.

I know some people like them. They read blogs all day, rail against anything they don't believe in, but never leave the comfort of their own keyboard to do anything to make a difference.

On the other hand, I believe that almost every "critic" on this blog was mobilized for this election, putting in time knocking on doors and making calls, and putting their money where their mouth is.

I would like to think that supportwcpss, useless1234567 and other status quo supporters were doing the same for what they believe in. If not, shame on them.


You're letting out the secret mudge - real people, real action instead of virtual blather. Let them keep blathering. It keeps them busy so the grownups can get down to educating the children. 

You know you're on the right

You know you're on the right track when people like this are outraged.

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