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Americans for Prosperity launches campaign to back school board majority

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Americans for Prosperity has kicked off a campaign to back the new Wake County school board majority as the district makes the switch toward neighborhood schools.

The conservative advocacy group sent out an e-mail Wednesday to its supporters praising Tuesday's vote and urging people to contact board members. Also yesterday, the group robocalled voters in the districts of the five majority members urging them to thank the members for voting for the community schools resolution.

"The poor board members had to endure nastiness and hostility, much of it lacking the appropriate decorum, said Dallas Woodhouse, state director of AFP. "It's inappropriate for them to be told they're going to hell or are racists. We want to make sure they hear from our members."

In Wednesday's e-mail message, AFP lays out why then board majority needs to hear from supporters.

"It will be a tough road ahead," Woodhouse writes in the e-mail message. "We need to provide these members support as they work to dismantle the forced busing policy and instead force the Wake County Public School System to educate all children instead of just transporting them."

The robocall thanks the new board members for following through on their campaign pledge for neighborhood schools.

Woodhouse said more things would go out as part of the AFP information campaign.


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"It will be a tough road

"It will be a tough road ahead," Woodhouse writes in the e-mail message. "We need to provide these members support as they work to dismantle the forced busing policy and instead force the Wake County Public School System to educate all children instead of just transporting them."


AFP is an organization of grassroots leaders who engage citizens in the name of limited government and free markets on the local, state, and federal levels. <AFP website>


I do not know about anyone else but it sure seems like there are a lot of organization trying to pull the strings to control our kids’ education …. Every time I turn around it is the Republicans claim credit for the non-partisan school board election, the top Republican lobbyist wanting some of the legal action, the Art Pope Civitas Institute wanting a piece of the board education, and the AFP robo calling me to stroke my board member to make them feel good about themselves.   This is like a feeding frenzy.

Dallas Woodhouse’s Behavior at the Board Meeting

Dallas Woodhouse was the first animal out the cage. He can clearly be heard loudly booing 3 times in response to Mr. Sutton's request to allow extended time to a past BOE member and 3 term chair. Mr. Woodhouse was extremely disruptive in the audience by not only booing but to those sitting around him. He can be seen sitting behind and to the right of the podium and can be heard booing on WRAL part 7 13:14-17. Watch the comments section to view Mr. Woodhouse's behavior.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone


unfortunately, that is what

unfortunately, that is what he is paid to do ... he is an entertainer ... who is marketing himself and his brand ... placement in front of the camera, booing, etc. are all just a marketing program and not a sincere concern for our children ....

professional behavior?

If you watched WRAL TV's coverage last night of the hearing, you got to see our Board Chair, Mr. Margiotta say about supporters of the current assignment policy, "here come the animals out of their cages." And someone, not sure it was him, added "and the goons." Very professional.

That comment was aimed at

That comment was aimed at the people who were Booing the speaker, I guess you are saying the supporters of the current policy are rude and inconsiderate, acting like.. well animals let out of a cage.

my mistake about the "goons"

my mistake about the "goons" comment, apparently h

e was actually saying the name of the next
speaker, Heather Kuhns

Check out WRAL online

Check out WRAL online streaming of the entire meeting broken into parts.  Part 7 - about 28 minutes in is when Randall speaks.  Ron makes his animal /cage remark at about 30:50.

Bill Randle

Dallas is also convienently forgeting that Bill Randle was the first to start screaming at the audience. Same MO for Dallas and AFP. Avoid the issues, and try to paint your opponents as bad people.

More yard signs and politization of this issue is the last thing that is needed. Especially sad to raise money on it. Of course Dallas did manage to get the one seat in the auditorium so his mug would be seen when every speaker was shown. Wink

If Congress had acted like this Board, they would have passed health care reform with a public option last March with no CBO anylisis whatsoever, and Dallas would be screaming about the totalitarian state and calling for revolution.

No matter how often AFP hits the hot button, 'forced busing policy',  the fact is the elimination of SES as a critiera in assignments will not eliminate bussing nor assignment disruptions, and it will cost more money.  It has everywhere else it has been done.  Are Dallas and AFP prepared to support a tax increase to pay for it?

The overwhelming number of comments Tuesday where reasoned arguements based on rationality, not emotion. Calling anyone racist is counter productive, and there needs to be change, but it should be done per the Board's oath of office, data driven reseach with decisions made based on sound business practices on behalf of all Wake County's children. I agree with Ms. Stocking in one important thing she said, we should not leave this up to just the Board, and take responsibility to be grown ups and work towards consensus. More political grandstanding just creates more heat, not solutions.

Good point about Randall- he

Good point about Randall- he singled out a group behind him who had signs,  pointing and screaming at them.

BTW,  should be a very interesting congressional primary between Randall and Bernie Reeves!

So I thought only 1 person

So I thought only 1 person said "going to hell" or "racist"? And that I haven't heard anyone defend him for saying this - so what is Dallas going on about?

And was he not the very first person to boo and talking loudly during the entire meeting?

Maybe he feels guilty and publicly calling himself out is his way of asking for forgiveness - Dallas, I forgive you :)

"So I thought only 1 person

"So I thought only 1 person said "going to hell" or "racist"? And that I haven't heard anyone defend him for saying this"

Yes, I believe Curtis Gatewood was the only one who said this.    However, he received cheers and applause from the crowd there, which I believe can implicitly be considered a defense of his words.



With all due respect.

Mr. Woodhouse needs to share with others the very decorum he seeks from them.  

His behavoir at the meeting was not without reproach.


I second that. :>)


  Thank you.

Smile  Thank you.

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