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AFL-CIO announces school board candidate endorsements

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The Triangle Labor Council AFL-CIO announced Friday its endorsements for Wake County school board with at least one potentially unexpected name.

The labor organization endorsed Kevin Hill in District 3, Keith Sutton in District 4, Jim Martin in District 5 and Susan Evans in District 8. The group endorsed George Morgan (despite putting the wrong last name on the site) in District 6. Christine Kushner hss been getting most of the District 6 endorsemetns from liberal groups.

All five endorsed candidates are Democrats. But the AFL-CIO does cross party lines. For instance, the group endorsed Debra Goldman in 2009.


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A Question for you T. Keung?

T. Keung:  Did your union thug buddies threaten to "kneecap" those of us who have no intention whatsoever to vote for their lock-step candidates?  I want to know if I need to carry a tire iron with me to my voting place.

Will Billy Barber and your pal Cash Michael be telling us their choices soon?    I'm sure you'll promote it when they do.  I can't wait to hear.  And howsabout your little N&O buddy Steve Ford?  His endorsements are always such a mystery.

I've come to ignore your

I've come to ignore your usual inane comments but this crosses the line to even insinuate I would having anything to do with threatening people with violence. If you don't like what you see here, then don't look. There's nothing forcing you.

A Type-O?

George "whatever they want his last name to be" in District 6? That has to be a type-o from their website administrator. They'll probably see their error and change it to Kushner shortly. This is just too strange. The teacher's union doesn't pick George but big labor does? Crazy.

The AFI-CIO, an organization

The AFI-CIO, an organization that has nearly singlehandedly driven manufaturing and other industries -- and the jobs that go with them -- out of this country, now wants to weigh in on education. Scary thought. Haven't they done enough damage?

Woodstock's view on the world versus...

Woody, there is such a thing as a global economy that primarily operates under free market conditions which means our children compete with college graduates in 3rd world and developing countries that are prepared to work for less than $5 an hour, etc. (Note BobSconce - that is an estimate!) Until we as a nation decide that it is appropriate for our doctors, engineers, teachers and lawyers to work for less than that ($5 an hour), then we are going to see our profit hungry CEOs take their manufacturing and other industries abroad to the detriment of our nation and benefit of China, India, etc. Wall St and extremely cheap labor abroad, not public education or unions, are the main sources of the problems you refer to...

Paula, "Independent, Fair & Speaking Up for MY Kids."


Were you aware that US manufacturing output is at an all-time high (or at least was immediately before the recession)?

Were you aware that a healthy US economy typically creates and destroys 4 million jobs every month?  Moving jobs overseas is part of that process. 

It is not possible for every job to move overseas -- it just doesn't make sense.  Why would, say, Taiwan make iPods for us when we have nothing to give them in return?  What are they going to do with all those green little pieces of paper with pictures of presidents?

Please look up the economic idea of comparative advantage.

AFL-CIO AKA president Obama's Minons

Well Said WoodStock! 

President Obama In Raleigh......Check

VP Biden In Raleigh....... Check

527 Working against Conservative Candidates for School Board......Check

AFL-CIO making School Board Endorsements.....Check

NC Educators Association supporting Progressive Liberal Candidates.....Check

Obama for America in Wake County......Check

Defending a FAILED Progressive Liberal Agenda.......Check

Rev. Barber and the NAACP and his friends Trying to return FORCED busing...Check

Progressive Liberal attacks on the Tea Party........Check

Have I missed anything

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