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UNC guard Dexter Strickland on N.C. State: They are least of our worries, we beat them every single year

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North Carolina guard Dexter Strickland isn't buying the hype surrounding N.C. State. ROBERT WILLETT

CHAPEL HILL — Good stuff – no, great stuff – here from Jeff Goodman of Goodman recently visited Chapel Hill and spent some time with Dexter Strickland, the North Carolina senior guard.

The pair talked about Strickland’s injury last season, about how things might have been different had he remained healthy. And, oh yes, the topic of N.C. State came up. The Wolfpack, after all, were picked to win the ACC for the first time since coming off their national championship season in 1974.

But Strickland isn’t exactly buying the N.C. State hype.

“They talk those guys up every single year and we beat them every single year,” Strickland told Goodman. “They are the least of our worries. Beat us one year and then they can talk smack. Until then, you can't put them in the mix.”

That right there is awesome, folks, and exactly the kind of thing that should make this season so fun to cover and watch. And it’s not like Strickland is wrong, either. The Pack was receiving some positive buzz before each of their three games against the Tar Heels a season ago, and UNC won all three – two of them convincingly.

Overall, UNC has defeated N.C. State 13 consecutive times and in 19 of the past 20 meetings.

Jan. 26 can’t get here soon enough.

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Too Funny

Sounds like trash talk taken from 5th graders.  More plagiarism?  

A bench player averaging 7 points a game.      

Dexter Who? Sports Analyst

If UNC should finish ahead of State and/or Duke this year, it has nothing to do with Mr. Mediocrity's "smack talk". This is one guy who'll never get to coach. Can you picture Gottfried, K or Williams saying something that stupid and self-centered? No, they'd say something like 'NC State has some great talent this year, some top-rated frosh but don't count us out".

You know what's even dumber than Strickland's comment? The N&O thinking anyone would be interested in reading what he has to say.

Pack will do it on the court

I find it amusing that Dexter Strickland thinks of himself as the voice of the Tarheels. He has certainly not earned the right to be a spokesman unless sitting idly on the bench in a suit is what it takes.

Having said that, he is correct.  Unless the Pack can start to beat these guys then it is just going to be unfulfilled hype.

I trust Coach Gottfried and our talented players to deliver and shut these Holes up for a while.

"The voice of the Tar Heels"

Where do you come off saying that? Does it say up in the body of the piece? Just erase your ENTIRE 1st paragraph and quit being so easily "butt hurt" like the vast majority of your compadres.

Your 2nd paragraph makes a lot more sense and logic certainly wins out there. That's all he was saying to begin with.

How but "doing" instead of "saying"

On that note, I have to give it to Gottfried. We've all "talked" about wanting to screw the head cheerleader, but ol' Gottfried actually went and "did" it! Man of his word. Good for him!

Trash talk?

Did anybody read and comprehend Dexter's remarks? He wasn't trash talking at all. See my original post. He was just telling the truth, "They talk up those guys every single year and we beat them every single year".  Just the facts. He is not projecting that they will beat State, but just saying that State needs to beat someone to be in the mix, etc.... Plain and simple.  The title is misleading and by most of the remarks, has mislead a lot of people. Understandable in most cases ;-)

State fan here.  I agree

State fan here.  I agree that UNC had dominated State lately and we need to put up or shut up this year.  BUT, State has certainly not been talked up "every single year."
  This is the first time State has been picked to finish ahead of UNC in a long time so not sure he has any basis there.


You can't expect to come in here (twice) and make a rational post. It doesn't line up with what these clowns think or believe.

just trying to help

I am sure a lot of these "people" can read, but it is the comprehension that they need a little help with. ;-)

Thank you Dexter

Unexpected bulletin board material is always appreciated, especially from a serial underachiever. Based on your comments, I believe you have what it takes to be President of the United States someday. Good luck!

Welcome to the mix Wolfpack!

I know it has been a while since you have had a date to the party and y'all aren't exactly sure what to expect, how to act, etc. Put your big boy pants on and take the heat! Dexter just told told the truth. Time to put up and until you do, shut up! Welcome to life around the top of the ACC. I'm glad to see you back. Here, you beat the opposition when they are at their best or you put your head down and keep working. You were right with your comparison to Obama though! Just that, up till now it is the Wolfpack that talks a good game but has yet to accomplish anything! I will be routing like hell for you except when you play my Tar Heels! Until then don't let a little thing like truth that hurts get to you so much;-)

For the record

I have been preaching caution about the expectations. In fact, in a separate post somewhere on ACCNOW, I acknowledged that State has not done well when expectations are high. They have much to prove this year.

Also, nobody associated with State's program is talking trash, at least not in published reports I have seen. This is the opposite of 2 years ago when Leslie and Harrow in particular were presenting themselves as the saviors of the program and got smacked down. It would appear that lesson has been learned and this year's team gets the fact that you win on the court, not on paper.

Regarding Dexter, it may not be fair, but it remains true that you shouldn't provide bulletin board material in any case, but especially when you haven't accomplished much personally. He has been hurt, which is not his fault, but his comments, true or not, were ill-advised. I suspect Roy has told him as much.

Looking forward to a more competitive and successful year for the Pack. It should be fun.

Roy to Dexter

I doubt it. Roy has made it known on many, many occasions that his priority is to whoop state college. He probably had him into the office and they each had a couple of coca-colas over it.

Dexter who??


Let me answer it for you

Dexter was interviewed by a national college basketball sportswriter and was asked his thoughts about state college being the pre season fav to win the ACC.

Next year - when the Tar Heels are the fav to win the ACC football title - someone from state will be asked their thoughts on that and bc of recent and unfortunate history they will be entitled to answer pretty much on the same lines as Dexter did here. #history

Mr. Strickland

This is the sme young man that said his high school teammate, Kyrie Irving, was overrated and would not be a good player at any level.  Excuse me, but he played but a few games at Duke, was drafted by the NBA and was Rookie of the Year.   Mr. Strickland, please put your play where your mouth has been in the past - your mouth is not to be even remotely acknowledged!!   I am a fan of another ACC school, but NCSU will be quite good this year.  What do the Tar Heels bring to the table except one occasional starter and a bunch of "who knows"?

As we are all aware of

Being a DUIke fan is the same thing as being a state college fan.

YOU Can Not Be Serious !!!!!!

Why is this career UNDERachiever running his mouth ?

So far he's just another Mickey D Bust....wearing a Tar Holes uniform...

Had a good snowbird layup ( and maybe that's gone now) and not much more than that ...

****Mediocre PG & Mediocre SG ****


5.4 ppg - 1.9 apg  -  24 % behind the 3 pt line


7.5 ppg - 2.2 apg-  25% behind the 3 pt line


7.5 ppg- 2.1 apg-  0 %  behind the 3 pt line

What was that?

Typical NC Hate mentality. For all you Red Staters out there, it certainly is ironic to us "liberals" here in CH how the stances are reversed here: anyone who is just plain better than you at something must have gotten there through cheating or some elaborate conspiracy, and not through their own hard work. One thing remains a gaping hole in the tires of your whambulance: allegedly phony AFAM courses at someone else's school - which by the way, IS alleged when you trump up no-show classes (that YOUR INSTITUTION ALSO OFFERS) every damn day and the NCAA still rolls its eyes - didn't cost you recruits in the late 80's and 90's where you fell off the map entirely. It's nice to see State -ALLEGEDLY - become relevant again, but you have a lot to prove. For people who gripe about "arrogant" Carolina fans not "handling success" well, you certainly seem well on the way past any shred of humility yourselves. Do yourselves a favor - take the shuttle to RBC because it won't be work the gas this year either. 

About time

About time there has been a shake up in the status quo in the ACC.I find it refreshing to see a program like NCSU in the championship conversation. As for Dexter Strickland's comments , it is on par with their institutional arrogance to dismiss their competition. Nothing seems to humble UNC. Based on an objective analysis among ACC coaches , NCSU has an impressive roster that is worthy of all the preseason accolades. Given what we know about UNC's academic record among it's athletes , Dexter needs to worry about earning a degree that will give him a marketable skill set in a brutal Obama economy. Dexter will not have much longevity as a professional basketball player therefore hit the books son. The fact this protected class will actually have to make an effort to go to class should bring additional stress this year.

Excuse me...

But what we know about ECU and NCSU athletes is that they do not graduate similar players as Strickland. Having a "bogus" degree is better than having no degree at all. The overwhelming majority of athletes do not go pro. All of them need to hit the books, at UNC-CH, NCSU, and ECU.


This post wast too objective and makes too much sense. UBnice, please excuse yourself from ACCNow as this does not follow the guidelines of posting here. ;-)

19 out of 20

Wow! That tells you everything you need to know as to why Dex answered the question the way he did. Not surprised here. Going forward, well, we will just have to see want we. :-)

More enlightening insight

More enlightening insight out of Chapel Hill, it must be very dark under that large rock !

This is great.  Trash

This is great.  Trash talking from a guy that no one knows for anything but wearing a bow tie.  Hope he got a REAL degree because he's going to need it to try and find a job after riding the pine next year.

Did Dexter's Mother Get Her $95,000

Hey Dexter,

Did your mother get the the $95,000 a year for 3 years like Tyler's mother?

No? Why not?

You should march right into Roy's office and say "Yo Roy, where's my momma's $95,000?


Dexter had better go study..

...for his Naval Studies exam. He needs to know how many people in Chapel Hill have "innies" and how many have "outies".

and yes I know how to spell

and yes I know how to spell navel (nobody told the team).




Dexter needs to be worried about two things before how the media is talking up NCSU

1. Where are my passing grades to stay eligible to play  going to come from now that the African-American studies program is being monitored.

2. When all the dirt about athlete grades is uncovered at the U will the programs get the death penality.

The NCSU basketball program has been pathetic in the ACC for years due to incompetency in the AD office, really stupid coaching hires and purposeful deemphasis by the university board; now we have a real athletic director and a real coach and it looks like we are on our way back. Not since Jimmy V was coach have things looked this good. Yes, they have yet to show their real ability, but at least now we have the talent to match up with the best in the country. Under a new coaching system, last year the same players played 1000% better than they did the previous year. They will probably stumble some, but the ability to win is finally there!

Too Funny....

Old Dexter might have squeaked by in his AFAM classes, but he obviously slept through Psych 100.  I can't believe he would offer up that kind of ammo to his opponents.

It is good...

to have NCSU basketball relevant again.

Go Heels!

Dexter, Dexter

Shouldn't this young man get back to his "studies"...

Who is

 This Dexter guy anyway? Never heard of him.

Dexter should keep quiet

State has four returning starters along with a solid recruiting class.  They will beat Carolina like a drum.  And this opinion is from a neutral observer...diehard Duke fan...yeah, right...GTHC!

...gotta laugh...TOB....



I was thinking the same thing.  

TOB has been a steady "one game at a time" coach, and to which I can recall only responding to comments made from UNC-CHeat.  Better know as "The Flagship" response which was classic!

Strickland's ignorance shines bright

1.  Umm, how is State talked up every year?  State was projected to finish 8th in the ACC last year?  It seems to me it is UNC who is typically projected higher than where they finish.  

2.  How is NC State "talking smack" when it is the coaches who voted State as the ACC favorite?  

3.  He's right in saying it is the least of their worries.  The team may have to actually go to class and do classwork this year.    

who? it's always the guys at

who? it's always the guys at the end of the bench who have the most to say.

The end of the bench, huh?!

Please excuse yourself from college basketball altogether. But if you want to continue watching state college on your black and white, that is fine too.

Please excuse yourself from

Please excuse yourself from Walmart fandom. 

On the court

 I am with Dexter.

Until the Pack proves it on the hardwood, it is all hype.

Been around ACC basketball too long. Too many good teams!


Looks like Dex has taken a page out of the TOB book of trash talking.

Of course you have to look at the context as well. His statement, in the past tense, as intended, is absolutely true, "we [did] beat them every single year". So he is not saying that they will beat them (State) this year, just that he is not worried about it.

...gotta laugh...TOB....

...gotta laugh...TOB.... "trash talking"..oh well...anyway..Dexter's statement is already on the wall in the Wolfpack locker room....fuel for the fire...

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