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Marquise Williams no longer enrolled at UNC

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Marquise Williams, a top recruit in North Carolina's 2011 signing class, is no longer enrolled at UNC. ROBERT WILLETT

CHAPEL HILL — Marquise Williams, the quarterback who was one of the top-rated members of North Carolina’s 2011 recruiting class, is not enrolled at UNC for the spring semester, a team spokesman said on Monday.

Williams, whom ranked as one of the top dual-threat quarterback prospects in the nation in 2011, redshirted the 2011 season and then spent last season as the backup to Bryn Renner.

Williams played in nine games last season, and ran for 186 yards and three touchdowns. He completed 10 of his 17 passes for 127 yards and one touchdown.

During a brief phone interview on Monday, UNC coach Larry Fedora said Williams is “still a member of this football team.” Fedora declined to answer why Williams is not enrolled in school.

He said he anticipates that Williams will re-enroll at UNC during the summer.


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Back Off.

How dare anyone say anything A. about his mother B. about his intentions or C. about his academic work ethic. You do not know him. Marquise is and has always been known as an amazing young man who would give you the shirt off of his back. If you looked into his recruiting record you will see many video interviews about what a great student, person, & player Marquise is. He is a human just like the rest of us and a far better person than any of you who have anything negative to say about him. He has stated that obtaining his education is most important to him because he will not have football forever, therefore anyone saying anything else is ignorant. I will pray for those of you who aim to put a wonderful young man like Marquise down, perhaps you are simply jealous of your lack of talent and lackluster life. I feel like whatever reason he is out it is personal and we should respect that. None of us have any idea the pressures those student-athletes go through or what he may be experiencing in his personal life. It is not your place to judge him nor express what seems to be hatred for someone you don't even know. That young man has probably already had to overcome many things in his life and this will just make him all the stronger. I wish him luck in the next season and the rest of his hopefully long career.

Smart Move on His Part

It is actually a smart move on his part. UNC could not go to a bowl game last year so he had no reason to enroll for the spring and actually have to go to class and work hard in those classes (now that AFAMSCAM has been exposed) Then, he can come back in the fall and play again. He is not going to be a starter so he knew he wouldn't gain anything by going through Spring practice either. So, why risk having his GPA go down or injury by being there for the Spring semester ?

The Carolina Way

Only at UNC-CH, or maybe Climpsun, can an athletic student be not enrolled and yet remain a member of the football team. For shame.

Just watch: The Davie Poplar will lose another sclerotic limb over this.

Not just about playing ball

Now, class, in college, it's not just about playing BALL! It's about learning, academics, being a good student, AND playing ball. BALL is an EXTRACURRICULAR activity! Extracurricular means outside the curriculum! No matter what your Welfare mother told you, it's about LEARNING and finding your way in the world! Perhaps you never work, have a job, a vocation. Perhaps all you do is play ball. Well, learning about your culture means conducting yourself properly off the court or the field, learning manners, civility, respect towards women and others. Knowing how to express yourselves. Knowing how to think critically, how to think analytically!

Totally Crass

Unless you are totally crass, there is no reason to make such a tasteless remark regarding the economic situation a player's mother is in. I'm quite sure that even looking up into God's beautiful sky and seeing Carolina Blue nauseates you, but try practicing what you preach. "...learning manners, civility, respect towards women and others." I use your words to show what you yourself should attempt to exercise! Show some class, and by that I don't mean the low class you are currently exibiting!

Ain't as easy to Cheat Now

eweNc is finding out how real life is now that they can't cheat as easy. Dan Kane better keep a good eye out on this kid's classes.

We will see

He is technically not off the FB team and eligible to return for the Fall Semester, according to Greg Barnes.
So that is some good news.

Waiting on the details

The Devil is in the details so stay tuned sports fans.

I'll go on record

Playing time.



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