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Harrison Barnes on Doug Gottlieb: The person who knows everything

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CHAPEL HILL Harrison Barnes, the Tar Heels sophomore forward, has a message for Doug Gottlieb, the ESPN radio host and college basketball analyst: “Just text him,” Barnes told an ESPN employee who sat in on UNC’s press conference on Tuesday. “See if he can get that flight over to St. Louis. I’d love to meet him.”

The Tar Heels will travel to St. Louis later this week for the Midwest regional, but Barnes and his teammates were irked by a segment on ESPN in which the network’s analysts proclaimed UNC less of a national title contender because of Kendall Marshall’s injury.

“Our confidence hasn’t changed at all,” Barnes said. “I mean, we feel like we have people that can step up. You know, Doug Gottlieb, the person who knows everything, has his own statements.

A media member then jokingly told Barnes that Gottlieb couldn’t shoot free throws well during his playing days at Oklahoma State.

“Among other things,” Barnes said.


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You guys need to understand

GOTTLIEB WANTED NOTHING MORE THAN TO PLAY BASKETBALL AT UNC. the Heels did not have him as a priority. You can do the rest of the math. He NEVER has anything positive to say about UNC.

Fascinating that Gottlieb

Fascinating that Gottlieb works with Jay Bilas, a former Duke player (whom I think does a pretty good job for a DOOKIE), and that he is so much more critical of the Heels than Bilas or a lot of the other analysts. Gottlieb got into spurring with coach "K" in the past about unatletic guards on Duke's team.  Coach K did not mince any words saying that Gottlieb should know all about "unathletic guards!"

The more the pundits point out how the Heels will fold without Marshall, the more that I think it focuses the group as UNC1998 suggested.    I hope if Marshall can return that he is able to help, not hinder the cause with his wrist impairment.  GO HEELS!

One thing is for sure..

Doug Gottlieb has an opinion on most everything. Often his opinions are extreme. I think it good some UNC players were able to see him and hear his comments regarding the outlook for the team. I like Harrison Barnes' attitude and comments in that regard. This team, and Barnes in particular, need to approach every game from here on with a focused fury that will inspire great play. They need to have no mercy, and show a self interest that was reflected by an opponent that put them in this position to start with. Force opponents to recognize their short comings, and play a brand of UNC basketball that shows the result was never in doubt.

Only part of the story

This is some great great motivational material. Barnes and company should be more fired up than ever. Go Heels!

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