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Giovani Bernard returns a punt 74 yards to beat N.C. State: VIDEO

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For your viewing pleasure -- or displeasure, if you happen to be an N.C. State fan -- here's Giovani Bernard's game-winning 74-yard touchdown return that gave North Carolina a 43-35 victory against N.C. State on Saturday.


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Will always forever be know as the CHEAT school no matter how many games they win.   Never thought I would live to see the day the ECU would have a better reputation than Carolina for honesty .

Understandable i guess

Perhaps there exists a limited amount of knowledge or the inability to comprehend. I don't know, maybe alphabits are all you eat. ECU is a good school though.


Do you just copy and paste the same message once a day in a different thread? Lol.

We'd rather watch the conclusion of NC State Vs FSU

Actually, NC State fans don't have time to view this clip of a wannabee football team because we are still watching the clip of NC State's Glennon zipping a pass to Bryan Underwood against # 3 FSU to win the game.  1) A MUCH bigger game no matter how you assess it, considering it was a win against the # 3... # 3 team in the United States Of America!! Keep trying UNC.... you may one day be like N C State's program!! Boooowhaaaaaaaa!!

Aww, look at this whittle baby

He's still butt hurt over getting beat by the Tar Heels.


This is nothing. You should have read some of his comments posted on the regular sports page article on Sunday.... unbelievable.

Never heard of the guy

I hate I missed his posts in the B League.


Oh my, so many options ......

  • You really should give State more credit, they actually played a very good game against UNC
  • Yes, the FSU game was a much bigger game, what was their ranking again?
  • You must really hate UNC if you want them to "one day be like NC State's program". Don't get your hopes up though.... it will never happen. ;-)


What a performance...................I love it

Tar Heel Network guy was funny...

"No he's not!"

"Yes he is!"

"Are you kiddin' meeeeeee?!"

You know

I'm not a fan of Jones Angel and I'm probably gonna have to listen to him for (literally) the rest of my life.

Ups and downs

I was there and every other Tar Heel fan will say at one point or another they were there too. Long time coming. Piss off little brother.


Why would anyone not enjoy seeing such a fine play?

How Sweet it is!!!!!!!!! And

How Sweet it is!!!!!!!!!

And being there was even better.

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