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UNC AD Bubba Cunningham: We won't address coaching rumors

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Neither Larry Fedora nor Bubba Cunningham will address coaching rumors. ROBERT WILLETT

CHAPEL HILL — Amid continued speculation that North Carolina coach Larry Fedora is a candidate for the head coaching vacancy at Tennessee, Bubba Cunningham, the UNC athletic director, has released a statement.

And that statement, basically, is this: We won’t address the speculation.

Here’s Cunningham:

“This time each year there are a number of coaching vacancies in college football and yesterday several rumors included speculation about our own football coach Larry Fedora. Neither Coach Fedora nor I are going to address rumors about individual jobs that are bound to happen each year.

It's been my policy since I have been a director of athletics not to comment or engage in discussions regarding a coach's job until such time that there is a change in a coach's employment status. Speculation about the future employment status of a head coach can be detrimental to an athletic program.

I frequently communicate with our head coaches about what they need to be successful at North Carolina. Whether a coach is highly successful or under inordinate pressure it has been my policy to keep those conversations confidential and I will continue my policy to not engage in any public discussion or speculation regarding employment. We work together to provide the best opportunities for our coaches and student-athletes.”

So there you have it. Probably not exactly the kind of statement UNC fans wanted to see. The beat goes on ...


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Cunningham wins WJC "IS" Award

That statement is pure poetry.  WJC issued a statement today that it is the 2012 winner of his "IS" award.  That prestigous award is given to the most (fill in the blank) statement made since the "Well, it depends on the defition of "IS" comment.

Usually a politican is the perenial winner, but this year, AD Bubba Cunningham is the recipient....

It is also rumored that a free "verified" translation of the statement is being given away by the Ram's Club to all members that "RE-UP" today....but they have to increase their contribution by at least a factor of 2....

Certainly glad that the Coaching Carousel is approaching Warp Drive.....there will be several (and they will NOT be suitable for young children) spin-offs.

Meanwhile, on the home front, AD Yow's reputation as being honest, hardworking, intelligent, savvy, and (fill in the blank) is increasing exponentially. 


Query some folks in the northeast about that and you'd get a very different opinion of Ms. Yow.  But keep on trolling. 

Billy Goat threatens supposed troll....

I have read the SI article.  I have also looked at WHO SI interviewed.  I have also read a LOT of WaPo and Baltimore Sun articles.  I read the comments from folks like you and I about them.  MY interpretation is that on the whole, AD Yow did a pretty decent job at MD.  Her one flaw was that she did NOT foresee the tanking of the Economy ( thanks to the perks given to Messers. Dodd and Franks and thank to Ms. Watters calling the DOJ and other agencies that wanted to "audit" Fannie and Freddie, "RACISTS").

So Ms. Yow did NOT foresee the crumbling.  BUT Coach Fridge wanted an upgraded Byrd Stadium and promised wins....actually he got the wins, but the MD fans, fickle little suckers, did NOT come.  Debbie chided Gary to quit polishing his 2002 NCAA trophy and WIN (my WP was the team that knocked MD out of the ACC Championship game in CHT.  I was there) some games.  Gary got all whiny.  He then showed his outstanding professional personality and tried to do harm to our BB coaching search.  Even Shaka admits that he got a call, unexpectedly, from GW.

SO, if you read the rest of the SI article, then you see how the agenda changed.  Note that Dr. Loh (not our Sidney) also got some goodies from the till.

If you reacall, Title IX required a LOT of non-revenue sports for both MEN and Women.  If you check the Baltimore Sun archives, it lists a plethoria of accomplishements....and NOT ONE "BAD" item.

Be careful my Ram friend....sometimes the supposed Trolls are for real....what is fact and is being pointed out in a fair and balanced manner is not considered as "trollish".  Those that bury their heads and also don't recognize some issues in their kingdoms are often the victims.

Rat snake rep

Your view is skewed. You want so badly to believe in Debbie Yow you will NEVER consider when someone talks negatively about her. You take total exception to it.

Fridge had already won football games and an ACC Championship AND THAT IS WHEN YOW DECIDED TO UPDATE THE FACILITIES.

The writing was already on the wall. The fans weren't filling up the stadium when they were winning big time. Why were they gonna come when the stadium was even bigger?!?!?! Talk about an aluminum jungle!!

It was stupid and egotistical on her part. The economic down turn played no part in the aftermath. As I've stated and has been stated many times by others - NO ONE WAS COMING BEFORE. She wrecked that AD not only fiscally, but with her treatment of many people in the AD including coaches.

State is and was the ONLY college in Div 1 that would have hired her. I need explain why that is.

Finally, you are not her type so back off her granny panties in public. It's embarrassing.

seeing orange

in otherwords, the rumors are true.  what a stupid statement. 


Bubba's no-comment comment will only fan the flames, not quell them. 

I see what you are saying

But, The AD was simply explaining why there have been no comments one way or the other. He wasn't attempting to be a wordsmith. Sometimes it is exactly what the person says. Sometime it does not need an interpretation.

Fedora and the Vols

This UNC alumnus doesn't really care one way or the other.

If he leaves, we'll find someone else. him under him under the bus loyal!!!....

I think

Loyalty begets loyalty.  If he leaves after one year, I don't care either.  He clearly didn't want to be here for anything other than a stepping stone if that's what the outcome becomes. 

How can you expect loyalty without giving loyalty?

I dare say if he were your coach you'd feel the same.

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