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"Clue" Playing the Carolina Tonight!

Wanna have a goofy time this evening? Then, I can't recommend enough going over to the Carolina Theatre in Durham and watching "Clue," a movie I can still remember seeing at a theater when I was nine and saying to myself, "Man, this is one goofy film."

And I say that with love.

It's part of a Retrofantasma bill with "Fright Night." Why Jim Carl and them didn't pair "Clue" with this equally uproarious whodunit/ensemble comedy that also stars Eileen Brennan, I have no idea. Well, the whole thing starts at 7:30. For more info, here's the Carolina's Web site. Have fun anyway.   

The Stuff I Do For You People

Well, some of you may have read the piece I did for yesterday's Life, etc. section on this black film poster exhibit going on now at UNC-Chapel Hill. (I highly recommend it, by the way.)

As for today's Weekend section, I did:

— Reviews of "Body of Lies" and "The Express"

— A profile on soul singer Dwele, who will be performing with Eric Benet at the Carolina tomorrow night.

CORRECTION: In the "Body of Lies" review, a review I keep regretting by the hour, the nurse (as well as the actress who plays her) is Iranian, not Jordanian. See what I mean when I say the flick didn't stick to my ribs!

This Is (Also) Wrong On So Many Levels

(Hat tip: Brian. Sorry this ruined your day, man.)

Online Critic's Pix Time

Yeah, I know it wasn't in our new Weekend section. As it seems these days, here is a rundown of things I either didn't know about before press time or I just recently remembered:

The Natural Horror Picture Show at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences will be reminding young and old audiences why we shouldn't think of Indiana Jones as that old coot from that weak blockbuster that came out this summer. Tonight, the museum will be hitting you with the original "Raiders of the Lost Ark," where you'll see Harrison Ford all young and less creaky.

— If gore's what you're looking for, the Colony has your back in the form of a Saturday-night midnight screening of the even-better-than-the-original sequel "Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn."

— And finally, did you know that that Toby Keith-Rodney Carrington comedy "Beer For My Horses" will be playing at the Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre all this weekend? Yeah, I didn't. It'll be on a double bill with "Lakeview Terrace." Why does this sound like the most dangerous double feature in the history of drive-in theaters?

Out With the 'Sup, In With the Weekend

As you've probably seen in your paper today, there is no more 'Sup. Yes, kids, we've gone broadsheet and hitting you with the Weekend section. Already, I've gotten a less-than-glowing comment from a reader this morning:

"Hello Craig, What happened to the 4 star rating system? Now you’re going to use the alphabet? I don’t like it." — TD 

Sorry to hear that, man. But, this is how things are going to be. So, try to have an open mind, everyone. While y'all work that out, here's what I have in the new section today:  

— Reviews of "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" and "Flash of Genius."

— A profile on the group N.E.R.D., performing tonight at the N.C. State homecoming concert.

— A "road trip" Q & A with Raphael Saadiq, who will also perform tonight, all the way in Charlotte.




The Funniest Twitter Post I've Read Thus Far

"I just had to hang up on my mom cause she
started talking about giving Sarah Palin credit for being a woman in
politics. I can't & I won't." — ButtaBaby

Actually, this is the second funniest. Minutes later, she sent this one:

"Lawd, I hope Alzheimer's or dementia ain't setting in. Cause that right there is some crazy talk."

If You're Wondering When the Avengers Initiative Will Get Buckwild on the Big Screen . . .

IRON MAN 2 – May 7th, 2010
THOR – July 16th, 2010
THE AVENGERS – July 15th, 2011

You're welcome, fanboys.

1222972870 If You're Wondering When the Avengers Initiative Will Get Buckwild on the Big Screen . . . The News and Observer Copyright 2011 The News and Observer . All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Wait A Minute — Paul Newman and I Had A Moment!

With the mourning tributes and posts that have been written since the passing of screen icon Paul Newman, it didn't dawn on me until a few days ago that I met him a few years ago.

Well, "met" is such a strong word. I was in the same room with him and about 40 other star-struck reporters from around the globe. It was at the press junket for the movie "Cars," where he played a wise, elderly automobile, at none other than Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord. Apart from running into Norm from "Cheers" and seeing Bonnie Hunt fly right by me, Newman was the only celebrity I actually spent time with. (Someday, when we're alone, I'll tell you how disastrous that junket was for me.)

I actually asked him a question amidst all the media fawning — and it was a good one. It was about this horrible idea, which fortunately never became a reality. And the man answered it. Me and Butch actually exchanged words!

You can read both the question and the answer in a piece I wrote about the whole experience here.

Since I'm here, here is some more Newman love from a couple of my film-critic pals:

Joe Leydon Also Remembers A Press Junket Meeting With Newman: "He sat on a chair near where [Joanne] Woodward was seated, facing me while she
chatted with another journalist. And every so often while we talked,
he’d turn around, make sure she wasn’t looking at him, and… and… well,
reach out to grab her . . . "

Matt Prigge Counts Down the Newman Movies He Hasn't Seen: "On a more guilty pleasure front, I’ve always wanted to see the bizarre sounding "Rashomon" remake "The Outrage" (1964) co-starring Edward G. Robinson and William Shatner, as well as "Fort Apache the Bronx" (1981). I am a bad cinephile."



This Is Wrong On So Many Levels

What the . . . . ?

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