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A New YouTube Trend That's Just Plain WRONG!!!?!!!

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I'm finding it hard to concentrate on churning out reviews today. This is mostly because I keep skipping over to YouTube and finding clips, one after the other, of a disturbing trend: shirtless, teenage brothas in a bedroom grinding to Chris Brown's "Take You Down."

It appears that there are many young lads (and a few shameless girls) out there that want to be like Pretty Boy Brown these days. But, seriously, I can't help but think this is slightly creepy, for a number of reasons. The biggest reason being YOU ON YOUTUBE GRINDING TO CHRIS BROWN, MAN!!!!!?!! Some of you guys may think you're doing it "for the ladies" (although I've been hard-pressed to find ladies, young or old, who dig watching this), but you're also doing it for a lot other nefarious folk on the World Wide Web. (Does the word "NAMBLA" mean anything to you?)

But hey, I'm a dude who just likes to grind to music in the privacy of my home. But you tell me — after watching a few of these numnuts (including some kids who are way too young to be grinding, period), am I wrong in thinking this is, um WRONG?

All I gotta say is, dang you, Peer Pressure. This is really your fault!


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So wrong!

I think my favorite part is the t-shirts rolled up into arm holsters. WTF is that all about?

The flip side to this is this video of dorky white boys dancing to Miley Cyrus:

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