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What to Watch on Wednesday: Nathan Lane crashes "Modern Family"

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Survivor: Nicaragua (8pm, CBS) - NaOnka and local girl Kelly Bruno engage in a small war over the hunt for the hidden immunity idol.

Modern Family (9pm, ABC) - When an earthquake strikes, Cameron and Mitchell see a way out of a costume brunch thrown by their friend Pepper, played by Nathan Lane. Also, Claire is trapped in the bathroom with a plumber and Manny undergoes a crisis of existential proportions on an outing with Jay.

Law & Order: Los Angeles (10pm, NBC) - The detectives are on the case after a cult member is stabbed to death. The cult's leader is questioned, along with the victim's cell mate and Det. Winters' wife, Lori. Terrence Howard has DA duty tonight.

Harry Loves Lisa (10pm, TV Land) - The premiere of a new reality series following the lives of married actors Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna. Adrienne has more about the show here.

Steven Seagal Lawman (10pm, A&E) - In the second season opener, Seagal and his team witness a head-on collision and search for a suspect in a double-homicide case.

Terriers (10pm, FX) - What is the best show on TV that you're not watching? This one. The Lindus conspiracy widens around Hank and Britt (left) in tonight's episode, as they have just 24 hours to fix the mess they're in or Mark will no longer be able to protect them (if you watched last week, you know the mess I'm referring to).

Top Chef: Just Desserts (10pm, Bravo) - Forget the challenges, watch to see which pastry chef breaks down in tears tonight. It will happen.

Also tonight, a new season of "Mythbusters" (9pm) starts tonight on Discovery, and new seasons of  "South Park" (10pm) and "Ugly Americans" (10:30pm) begin on Comedy Central. Here's a funny recap of Season 1 of "Ugly Americans."


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modern family

Manny's crisis is that he probably can't find a suit jacket to match his suede pants.

Manny's jacket

He has that really sweet burgundy velvet sports coat. I hope his crisis isn't that something happens to it!

modern family

Manny's crisis is that he probably can't find a suit jacket to match his suede pants.

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