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What to Watch on Wednesday: Merle Haggard learns to live with himself

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Merle Haggard: Learning to Live with Myself (9pm, UNC-TV) - From the American Masters series comes a penetrating profile of "the poet of the working man," Merle Haggard. The documentary follows his rise from rough beginnings (including a stint in prison) to topping the country music charts. Features archival footage and thoughts from Kris Kristofferson, Keith Richards, and Tanya Tucker.

America's Got Talent (9pm, NBC) - Four people advance to the top 24.

Confessions: Animal Hoarding (9pm, Animal Planet) - The first episode in a new docu-series examining the compulsion of hoarding animals. Tonight, a woman who won't let her dogs out of the house and a man who lives with 30 cats.

Psych (10pm, USA) - Gus and Lassiter team up for case, and Gus helps Lassiter relax by tap dancing. How can you not watch that? Meanwhile, Shawn and Juliette team up to work a murder case involving a jealous girlfriend.

Hot in Cleveland (10pm, TV Land) - Melanie's mother (Shirley Jones), Joy's mother (Juliet Mills), and Victoria's father (Hal Linden) all pick the same weekend to visit the girls in Cleveland.

Work of Art (10pm, Bravo) - The artists must reflect on their childhood and create art work utilizing kid-friendly materials. Artist Will Cotton is the guest judge.


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Lassie tap dancing,

Lassie tap dancing, genius!!  Whatever happened to Lassie and Jules' boss, the chief I guess she was?  I dont think I've seen her yet this season.

The boss is out a lot

We never really see the boss much, if I'm remembering correctly. Seems like she shows up in just a handful of shows each season. But I do like her.

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