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What to Watch on Tuesday: 'White Collar' and 'NY Med' among the night's premieres

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Pretty Little Liars (8pm, ABC Family) - Aria and Emily search for "A" at Jenna's lavish birthday party. Meanwhile, Spencer keeps an eye on Garrett, who's out of jail visiting his sick mother.

Frontline: Endgame - AIDS in Black America (9pm, UNC-TV) - Frontline looks at the story of the AIDS epidemic within America's black community, which accounts for almost half of all HIV/AIDS cases in the country. The story is told through the experiences of people who have the virus or are fighting to contain it, including Magic Johnson, Julian Bond, pastors, health care workers  and young men born with the virus.

White Collar (9pm, USA) - In the Season 4 premiere, Peter tries to find Neal (Matt Bomer, right) on a remote island before a bounty hunter finds him first.

Trust Us with Your Life (9pm, ABC) - Highlights from Serena Williams' life are comically re-created in the series premiere of a show featuring celebrities reminiscing about pivotal life moments. Those moments are then acted out by improv artists.  Jack and Kelly Osbourne get the same treatment in an episode at 9:30. Fred Willard hosts, and you'll see some of the same improv faces (like Wayne Brady) you've seen on "Whose Line is It Anyway?" The improvisors often have to "Glee Club It," which means they have to suddenly break out in song.

NY Med (10pm, ABC) - The premiere of an eight-part documentary series following the staff and patients at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. In tonight's installment, Dr. Mehmet Oz arranges a reunion between a patient and his ex-wife, and a woman with a brain tumor undergoes a risky surgery. Also, have you ever wondered what they do when someone takes a Cialis or Viagra and their "situation" doesn't go away after 4 hours? You'll find out tonight. It involves needles. Warning: This show is crazy addictive.

Covert Affairs (10pm, USA) - A tragedy leaves the agents shaken and in unfamiliar territory in the Season 3 premiere.

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