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What to Watch on Tuesday: Big premiere nights for CBS and Fox

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Here we go, people. The fall TV season kicks into high gear this week! These are just the new shows airing tonight. Don't forget that previously debuted shows like "The Voice" (NBC), "Go On" (NBC), "The New Normal" (NBC), "Parenthood" (NBC), "Sons of Anarchy" (FX) and "Dancing with the Stars" also air.

NCIS (8pm, CBS) - The 10th season begins with an emotionally damaged NCIS team searching for criminal mastermind Harper Dearing after a bomb destroys the Navy yard and their headquarters.

New Girl (8pm, Fox) - In the Season 2 opener, Jess is laid off from her teaching job and volunteers to be a shot girl at Schmidt's "rebranding" party. Parker Posey guest stars as a jaded cocktail waitress. In a second episode airing at 9, Jess pretends she's someone else when a handsome stranger (the amazing David Walton, right) mistakes her for his blind date.

Ben and Kate (8:30pm, Fox) - A really funny new sitcom about Kate, a straitlaced single mom, and her older brother Ben, a young-at-heart dreamer. Only watch if you want to see the best new sitcom of the season. My review.

NCIS: Los Angeles (9pm, CBS) - In the fourth season premiere, Callen is placed on suspension for the public shooting of the Chameleon, while Hetty adjusts to retired life.

Frontline: Dropout Nation (9pm, UNC-TV) - The stories of four at-risk students at Houston's Sharpstown High  School, a once-notorious "dropout factory," and the teachers, counselors and principal who are trying to keep them in school.

The Mindy Project (9:30pm, Fox) - A new series from Mindy Kaling ("The Office") in which Kaling plays an Ob-gyn with a messy personal life. There's a lot to like here. My review.

Vegas (10pm, CBS) - A new fact-based crime drama set in 1960s Nevada about a rancher who reluctantly turns lawman. The new sheriff, played by Dennis Quaid, investigates the murder of the governor's niece and locks horns with a Chicago mobster running a swanky Las Vegas casino. Adrienne's review.

Private Practice (10pm, ABC) - In the Season 6 premiere, Addison's romance flourishes and Sheldon reconnects with his ex-wife


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David Walton needs his own

David Walton needs his own show! I liked last year's Bent.

David Walton should be a star

I couldn't agree with you more!! He has been on three NBC sitcoms in the past couple of years, and each one NBC pretty much canceled before they even aired the first episode. They never promoted them or anything. Just made 5 or 6 eps and burned them off during midseason. The first was "100 Questions," then "Perfect Couples" (hilarious) and then "Bent" (really, really good). Walton was great in all of them. He needs to get away from NBC and get a network and show that will make him a star.

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