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What to Watch on Tuesday: A food (and sports?) revolution

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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (8pm, ABC) - Chef Jamie Oliver brings his Food Revolution to Los Angeles for Season 2, and things get off to a rocky start when the LA Unified School District refuses to give him access to the schools. We loved Season 1's efforts in Huntington, West Virginia, even if they weren't a complete success.

Braxton Family Values (9pm, WeTV) - R&B star Toni Braxton's new reality series follows her and her sisters as they pursue careers in entertainment. Read our review.

Deadliest Catch (9pm, Discovery) - Two new captains join the fleet as the 2010 king crab season begins in the Season 7 premiere. Read more about what to expect this season.

Frontline: Football High (9pm, UNC-TV) - A new documentary exploring the pressurized world of high school football, which now sports nationally televised games and corporate sponsorship. This special looks at the experience of a small high school in northwest Arkansas that is striving to join the national elite, and also at the rising rates of injuries and even death among the athletes. Then stay tuned for ...

Frontline: Money and March Madness (10pm, UNC-TV) - This is a report the rest of the country was talking about a few weeks ago when it debuted nationally. Frontline reporters examine the multibillion dollar business of the NCAA and college sports, in which everyone makes money except the players themselves.

The Good Wife (10pm, CBS) - The results are in! Did Peter win the state's attorney race? Also, the firm tangles with a South American dictator when it represents a small drilling contractor in a dispute against a major oil company.

Parenthood (10pm, NBC) - Amber quits her job and heads for trouble. Also, Joel helps Crosby try to win Jasmine back, and Sarah works on her stage play with guidance from Gilliam.

Sinbad: It's Just Family (10pm, WeTV) - Another new reality series. In this one, comedian Sinbad moves back in with his wife, whom he recently remarried. The show follows Sinbad as he attempts to reconnect with his family and revive his career. Our review.

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