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What to Watch on Thursday: HBO doc looks at 120 years of Vogue magazine

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The Big Bang Theory (8pm, CBS) - Amy takes ill and Sheldon becomes her nursemaid, while Wolowitz takes a fishing trip in order to bond with his father-in-law.

The Vampire Diaries (8pm, CW) - Stefan and Damon visit New Orleans and recall their last trip there in 1942. While there, Damon runs into one of his former flames. Meanwhile, Elena, Caroline and Bonnie share a fun evening together, until Elena reveals some shocking news.

In Vogue: The Editor's Eye (9pm, HBO) - A documentary chronicling Vogue magazine's 120 years of covering the fashion industry's highs and lows. Includes archival photographs, and interviews with editors, designers, models and photographers. Check out Adrienne's review.

Parks and Recreation (9:30pm, NBC) - Ron's new girlfriend meets his ex-wife Tammy when they all attend a woodworking awards dinner. At the same time, Jerry throws a holiday party and not everyone is invited.

Scandal (10pm, ABC) - Olivia returns to working at the White House in the wake of a national tragedy (the First Lady should love that!), while the early days of Fitz's presidency are recalled.

Elementary (10pm, CBS) - Holmes investigates a college professor's murder, and Watson gets a call from a former lover who asks for her help.

Burn Notice (10pm, USA) - Michael sets up a deal to sell a valuable piece of technology, but things take a turn when Sam is caught up in a risky robbery. 

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