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What to Watch on Thursday: Can the Harvest Festival save 'Parks & Rec?'

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Community (8pm, NBC) - After a few weeks of reruns, new NBC sitcoms are back tonight (except for 'The Office,' which is still a repeat). On 'Community,' Annie plans a baby shower for Shirley, who is desperate to keep Senor Chang at a distance. Elsewhere, a new guy in Britta's life offers a glimpse into his dark past through his poetry. Also noteworthy, 'Parks & Recreation' (9:30pm). The fate of the Parks Department rests on the success of the Harvest Festival (depicted at left), which is plagued by last minute problems, including a Wamapoke tribal leader who threatens to put a curse on the event. Also, Susan Sarandon shows up on '30 Rock.'

American Idol (8pm, Fox) - One singer is eliminated. The Black Eyed Peas and former Idol Lee DeWyze perform.

Destination Truth: Live from Ireland - Search for the Banshee Ghost (8pm, Syfy) - Josh and the team go to Ireland's Duckett's Grove Castle in search of a banshee, a supernatural being said to wail within a dwelling before someone inside is going to die.

Kathy Griffin: 50 and Not Pregnant (9pm, Bravo) - Comedian Kathy Griffin bashes celebs in a Milwaukee stand-up show.

Fairly Legal (10pm, USA) - Kate's engaged friend arranges for a prenup, but the woman's father remains suspicious of her finance. Kate decides to investigate and uncovers something surprising.

Archer (10pm, FX) - Sterling has breast cancer. But before his surgery, he tries to bond with young Seamus, even though he isn't actually the baby's father. Also on his bucket list: a Vegas vacation.


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Parks and Rec

P& R cracks me up! "There are two things I know about white people: they like Matchbox 20, and hate curses."  Lol!  I loved Ben's reaction to Lil' Sebastian too.  "I dont get it!"

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