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What to Watch on Sunday: 'Revenge,' 'Good Wife' and 'Homeland' head huge TV night

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Amazing Race 21 (8pm, CBS) - In the Season 21 opener, eleven two-member teams race around the world and vie for a $1 million grand prize. Of note this season (to me at least), is that the Fabulous Beekman Boys are racing.

Call the Midwife (8pm, UNC-TV) - The first episode of a new UK series about young midwives in 1950s-era East London. In tonight's first installment, the main heroine Jenny lee, arrives to work at a convent of nursing nuns, which is a far cry from the private hospital she expected. My review.

Once Upon a Time (8pm, ABC) - In the second season opener, the fairytale characters begin to remember their past lives, yet remain in the present. Meanwhile, magic enters the town thanks to Mr. Gold, and Prince Phillip awakens a beauty named Aurora.

The Simpsons (8pm, Fox) - The family heads to New York City for the Season 24 premiere, where Bart  searches for his lost love, Mary Spuckler.  "Bob's Burgers," "Family Guy" and "American Dad" all have season premieres tonight, too.

Revenge (9pm, ABC) - In the Season 2 premiere, Emily (Emily VanCamp, right) ponders her next move as the stakes get higher. (That's right, ABC isn't letting out any details about this episode, but from the photo released, it looks like Emily has a fight on the beach.)

The Good Wife (9pm, CBS) - The fourth season begins with Kalinda's estranged husband forcing his way back into her life, and Diane and Will trying to rescue the firm from financial ruin.

Dexter (9pm, Showtime) - Season 7 picks up right where Season 6 ended: Debra catching Dexter in the act of murdering Travis. As if Dexter doesn't have enough problems, LaGuerta reopens the Bay Harbor Butcher case when new evidence surfaces. "Dexter" has a habit of waxing and waning from season to season, but from what I've seen so far, things seem to be on track for a really good one. The complex relationship between Dexter and Debra will be central this season. 

Homeland (10pm, Showtime) - Judging from the first two episodes delivered by Showtime, Season 2 of the the Emmy-winning "Homeland" looks to be just as strong as ever.  In tonight's season premiere, Brody is offered a spot on a presidential ticket, and recovering Carrie receives a disturbing request from Saul. And the cliffhanger in week's episode will have your palms sweating, desperate for more.

666 Park Avenue (10pm, ABC) - A creepy new drama about a young couple who move into an exclusive Manhattan apartment building controlled by evil supernatural forces. Should you watch? Here's my review.

The Mentalist (10pm, CBS) - In the fifth season opener, Jane tries to uncover Lorelai's link to Red John, while the CBI team up with the FBI to investigate a hotel employee's homicide.

Also tonight, new episodes of "Copper" (10pm, BBC America), "Boardwalk Empire" (9pm, HBO) and "Treme" (10pm, HBO).

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