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What to Watch on Sunday: Championship football and British nobility

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NFL Playoffs - We usually leave the sports programming to the sports pages, but these games are big. At 3pm on Fox, the NFC Championship game pits the Bears vs. the Packers. Then at 6:30pm on CBS, the AFC game has the Jets vs. the Steelers. That means a lot of repeats on the broadcast networks tonight.

The Simpsons/Bob's Burgers/etc (8pm, Fox) - Except on Fox, where they hope you'll stick around for new episodes after the NFC game. On "The Simpsons," Homer learns about parenting from a 1980s sitcom. James Lipton and David Mamet have voice cameos. On "Bob's Burgers," a documentary filmmaker tries to make a statement by leaving a live cow outside the burger joint, but Bob treats the cow like part of the family. "Family Guy" and "Cleveland Show" are also new.

Downton Abbey (9pm, UNC-TV) - I find myself waiting all week for the next installment in this excellent Masterpiece Theatre series. Tonight, in part 3 of 4, the rivalry between Mary and Edith reaches a fever pitch, and Thomas and O'Brien plot against poor Mr. Bates while Anna's (and my) fondness for him grows.

Big Love (9pm, HBO) - Now that his private life is public, Bill tries to bring more polygamists into the open. Ellen Burstyn guest stars.

Californication (9pm, Showtime) - Hank is pleasantly surprised when Karen invites him to stay with her following his accidental overdose, and Becca is invited to join a band. "Episodes" is after this at 9:30.

Shameless (10pm, Showtime) - The family must come up with a plan when the feds come searching for "Aunt Ginger," whose social security checks are getting cashed in town despite the fact that she supposedly lives in another state. Also, Ian angers the brothers of a girl whose advances he rejects.

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