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What to Watch on Sunday: Chalky White wants revenge

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Undercover Boss (9pm, CBS) - The CEO of DirecTV works undercover at his company and discovers that employees are spending their own money for a vital piece of work equipment. Gee. Wonder what that's like...

Boardwalk Empire (9pm, HBO) - The exiled Jimmy makes the rounds with Al Capone in Chicago, though the two budding gangsters don't always agree on methods. Also, Lucky Luciano finds a surprise on a visit to Jimmy's apartment and Chalky White (Michael Kenneth Williams, right) tries to solve a murder.

Rubicon (9pm, AMC) - Believe it or not, last week's "Rubicon" had pulse-pounding action and suspsense. There are only two episodes left counting tonight's, in which API works with the FBI and CIA to stop a terrorist strike. Also, Kale Ingram turns to an unlikely source to try to keep Katherine out of harm's way. And we assume Will is now sleeping with one eye open.

Dexter (9pm, Showtime) - Dexter hires a nanny to free up his time to stalk murder suspects and potential victims. There are some really stunning moments in this episode, especially in the last 20 minutes. Don't miss!

Brothers & Sisters (10pm, ABC) - Is Kitty ready to move on after Robert's death? I mean, it's been two whole weeks. Tonight she meets a handsome handyman played by Jeremy Davidson. Also, the family plans a surprise birthday party for Sarah, but Luc is the one surprised when he learns her real age.

Mad Men (10pm, AMC) - Don encounters an old friend while coping with disastrous events at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Also tonight, Sally (Kiernan Shipka, left) tries to get closer to Betty and her stepfather Henry. The words, "Betty, please be nice" jump to mind. After tonight, only one more episode this season.

Bored to Death (10pm, HBO) - The S&M case comes back to haunt Jonathan when he's kidnapped by a pair of thugs looking for the dungeon's computer hard drive. George (Ted Danson) gets some bad news from his urologist, but springs into action to help Ray (Zach Galifianakis) after getting the ransom call from Jonathan.

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