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What to Watch on Sunday: Bobby Flay and 'Iron Chef' return to Raleigh

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Same Name (9pm, CBS) - A new show in which celebrities swap lives with non-famous people sharing their same name. And yes, there's actually someone else (in Texas) named David Hasselhoff.

Masterpiece Mystery: Zen (9pm, UNC-TV) - Zen investigates the death of a disgraced aristocrat  who either jumped off a bridge or was pushed -- possibly because of his plan to reveal the existence of a shadowy organization called the Cabal -- while balancing the demands of his superiors.

Iron Chef America: Flay vs. Christensen (10pm, Food) - Raleigh chef Ashley Christensen (right) of Poole's Diner battles Bobby Flay. Christensen is the Poole's Diner owner and executive chef. "Iron Chef America" was in Raleigh in 2006 for the Angus Barn's Walter Royal to battle Cat Cora. Royal won handily. 

Breaking Bad (10pm, AMC) - Walt tries to establish a new alliance as he plots his next move. Meanwhile, Skyler urges him to consider a business opportunity that could keep the family safe.

Falling Skies (10pm, TNT) - Suspicions arise that the children's safe haven may not be so safe after all.

Curb Your Enthusiasm (10pm, HBO) - Larry relishes his role as a "social assassin" until it becomes a liability with his friends, on the golf course and at a Palestinian restaurant.

Entourage (10:30pm, HBO) - In the Season 8 premiere, the guys go to extremes to keep Vince away from temptation after he gets out of rehab, but they're also worried about triggering a relapse when he's excited about a lame idea for a movie. Also, Ari pleads with his wife to end their separation, and Eric and Scott court new clients for their fledgling management company. Check out a trailer of the new season and some interview clips.

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