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What to Watch on Sunday: 'Big Love' retrospective, penultimate episode

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ACC Tournament (1pm, WRAL) - The championship game between UNC and Duke.

Secret Millionaire (8pm, ABC) - San Diego real estate developer (and occasional Elvis impersonator) Marc Paskin spends a week living on $50 in a run-down Detroit neighborhood, where he finds worthy people to surprise.

Big Love (9pm, HBO) - In the series' penultimate episode, the Henricksons circle the wagons to fend off a threat from a desperate and unpredictable (and psychotic) Alby (Matt Ross, left). Nicki shakes off her traumatic experience to consider putting Cara Lynn in boarding school, and Margene promises to reimburse Pam for her Goji investment. There's a special retrospective of the series airing at 8:30pm, and here's a video recap of last week's episode, "The Noose Tightens."

Celebrity Apprentice (9pm, NBC) - The teams must write an original children's book and then perform the tale for youngsters. One project manager fails to unite their team, and the other group tries to tame a troublemaker. 

Taking on Tyson (9pm, Animal Planet) - Mike Tyson and his team go up against two well-known names in their first competition, including a champion pigeon racer.

The Fab Five (9pm, ESPN) - ESPN's documentary about the greatest class of freshmen ewver recruited to play college basketball: 1991's Michigan Wolverines. Here's a great review of this documentary and HBO's "Runnin' Rebels of UNLV" documentary which debuted Saturday night (available in reruns and on demand).

Californication (9pm, Showtime) - The day of Hank's trial begins badly after an uncomfortable encounter with Mia's father in front of the courthouse. Hank's "good" character witnesses then inadvertently destroy him on the stand, revealing him to be the degenerate that he is.

Shameless (10pm, Showtime) - Monica returns and the Gallagher clan are in a tizzy as they try to determine if Frank is their real father. And Fiona, who is thoroughly disgusted with Monica, decides to move in next door with Steve. Also, Eddie invites Karen to a Purity Ball.

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