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What to Watch on Saturday: Lady Gaga wows MSG, Tina Fey hosts SNL

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It's Me or the Dog (8pm, Animal Planet) - Victoria helps a contentious couple curb their dog's dangerous behavior to ensure the safety of their three kids.

My Cat From Hell (9pm, Animal Planet) - This new show is sort of the counterpart to 'It's Me or the Dog,' just with a way more incendiary title, and the lives of little children aren't in danger here. In tonight's first episode, a stressed out cat comes between a woman and her boyfriend, and a newly engaged couple deal with his dislike of her cats. The host is hipster cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, who is not only a zen cat whisperer, but as we see in tonight's episode, a jerk whisperer, too. Read more about the new show.

Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour: At Madison Square Garden (9pm, HBO) - The title sort of says it all. Gaga performs with a 10-piece band and 10 backup singers. The show was taped in February 2011. If you can't wait, you can go ahead and check out some extrended previews and behind-the-scenes clips.

Three Weeks, Three Kids (9pm, Hallmark) - A free spirit (Anna Chlumsky) babysits her sister's kids for an extended period, thanks to a plot by her mother. While helping the kids deal with issues like bullying, popularity, and teenage drinking, the woman also connects with a handsome neighbor (Warren Christie).

Almighty Thor (9pm, Syfy) - A timely new Syfy movie about a hero (Cody Deal) from Valhalla who rises up against a demonic god (Richard Grieco) who threatens to obliterate Los Angeles.

Saturday Night Live (11:29pm, NBC) - Tina Fey is back as the host, and the music guest is Ellie Goulding. There's a rumor Amy Poehler may stop by.

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