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What to Watch on Monday: 'Major Crimes' returns, plus a peek at new NBC singing show

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The Goodwin Games (8:30pm, Fox) - Chloe has a career decision to make when her father's new challenge forces her to reconsider the actor's life and reenter the world of academia. Meanwhile, Henry's fiancee is busy running for political office, and it falls on him to plan the wedding.

Major Crimes (9pm, TNT) - Season 2 begins with the slaying of a high-profile filmmaker's pregnant wife. Meanwhile, the squad begins to run smoothly under Raydor's (Mary McDonnell, left) leadership, but a new deputy D.A. questions Raydor's intentions as Rusty's guardian.

The Fosters (9pm, ABC Family) - Lena and Mike disagree about whether to punish Brandon, while Jesus tries to cover for Mariana and puts his health at risk in the process.

King & Maxwell (10pm, TNT) - A new drama about two private investigators -- Sean King (Jon Tenny from "The Closer") and Michelle Maxwell (Rebecca Romijn from the "X-Men" movies) -- who work cases in the nation's capital. In the premiere, King's lawyer friend is mysteriously killed in a case that comes with possible political repercussions. Based on characters from the novels of David Baldacci. Here's my review of "King & Maxwell."

The Winner Is … (10pm, NBC) - After a semi-finals episode of "The Voice," NBC offers a sneak peek at another singing competition in which performers battle for a $1 million grand prize. The host is Nick Lachey.

Longmire (10pm, A&E) - A shepherd and his dog are found dead (Really?! They had to kill the dog, too?!). Meanwhile, Cady searches for answers about her mother's death.

Warehouse 13 (10pm, Syfy) - Pete, Myka and Steve team up with a U.S. Marshal to recapture two inmates who escaped from a prison in Arkansas during a volcanic event.


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There was an episode of House where they killed off a medical assistance dog and his owner. I never watched House again after that. Sounds like I shouldn't be watching Longmire either!

Longmire dog

I haven't seen the Longmire episode yet (but I really like that show a lot) but I'm hoping the dog is already dead and we don't have to experience it. I hate it when they fake-kill animals! And I hate that it bothers me more than when they fake-kill people.

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