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What to Watch on Friday: Series finale of 'Smallville'

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Smallville (8pm, CW) - In a two-hour series finale, Clark Kent's (Tom Welling, right) 10-year journey to become the Man of Steel culminates as he takes on his adversary Darkseid, who is determined to corrupt Earth and its inhabitants. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) returns to Smallville to confront Kent.

Shark Tank (8pm, ABC) - This is the Season 2 finale??? How many shows are in a season, five? Way too short, ABC. Exhibit A: Tonight someone pitches a toilet-training kit for cats. We need more of this in our lives.

Friday Night Lights (8pm, NBC) - Coach Taylor gives recruitment advice to Vince, four East Dillon students make a pact, and Julie's relationship with a TA gets more complicated.

CSI: NY (9pm, CBS) - Season 7 ends with Mac determined to close his last remaining unsolved case. His newfound focus is triggered by a harrowing near-death experience.

Blue Bloods (10pm, CBS) - This show's strong first season concludes with Frank (Tom Selleck) attempting to take down the secretive Blue Templar police organization after a drug bust exposes some dirty cops.


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Fri shows

Sooo sad to see Smallville end!  Also, on Shark Tank, I've always disliked Kevin, but after the finale, I hate him.  Guess thats what the face of greed looks like.  If I was that t-shirt lady, I would have clocked him, his actions were totally uneccesary.  Someone should make the argument to him that his poison isnt making him any money so he shouldnt waste his breath, lol. 

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