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What to Watch on Friday: National Geographic investigates UFO mysteries

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Celebrity Vacation Homes (9pm, HGTV) - A new series that features tours of posh holiday retreats looks at President Obama's vacation home in Oahu, Jennifer Aniston's Mexican villa in Los Cabos, and Pamela Anderson's Malibu beach house.

Chasing UFOs (9pm, NGC) - The press release for this new show provided my favorite wacky fact of the week: "A National Geographic Channel survey finds that two-thirds of Americans think Barack Obama is better suited to handle an alien invastion than Mitt Romney." I kinda love that people have opinions about that! But about the show ... "Chasing UFOs" is a new National Geographic Channel series in which a team of investigators -- comprised of a believer, a skeptic and an undecided -- look into alien-related mysteries. The first episode probes mysterious lights in the sky over two Texas towns. A second episode at 10 looks at claims the government uses alien aircraft to spy on citizens in central California.

Common Law (10pm, USA) - Travis and Wes swap lives during an exercise to help them better understand one another. Though the experience puts a strain on their relationship, it also ends up shedding light on a case they're working.

Mariachi High (10pm, UNC-TV) - A documentary tracking a year in the life of Mariachi Halcon, a top-ranked high school mariachi band from Zapata High in Zapata, Texas.

Louisiana Lockdown (10pm, Animal Planet) - A man meets his grandson for the first time when they are both behind bars, and a deceased inmate is buried in the prison's cemetery.


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Common Law

I was about to delete last nights episode from my DVR after Wes started playing 'Friday' in his car.  How awful, major points lost there!  But seeing Travis in a suit has begun to repair the damage that has been done, lol!


You look into Travis' eyes and you are hypnotized and cannot look away.

"You will not delete this from your DVR. You will not delete this from your DVR..."

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