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Viacom threatens to go dark

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Scary news, TV fans.

The Associated Press reports this morning that media giant Viacom is warning Time Warner Cable if the two can't reach a deal by midnight, Viacom's 16 networks will go dark.

Why should that concern you?

Viacom owns MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and TV Land, among others. So if your kids love "SpongeBob Squarepants" or if you're addicted to "South Park," you could have a problem.


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This might be what we need

I dunno about SpongeBob, but you can view South Park episodes for free from their website. Comedy Central's best offerings (Daily Show & Colbert Report) can be viewed free from Hulu. And seriously ... wouldn't we all be better off w/o MTV?

My point is that cable's losing their lock on the medium. More people are getting their computers hooked up to their home network or TV's so they can watch stuff online.

Maybe this will advance a la carte...

I have DirecTV, and I hate

I have DirecTV, and I hate Time Warner. However, I do have a question... Does anyone know when ATT Uverse will be available in the area? I thought it was sometime very soon, but I could be mistaken.

ATT U-verse

Is this a dish-less alternative to cable?

I'm personally locked into TWC because of a deal with my HOA (fees tied in with my dues), so I'm stuck. But I'm all about comparison shopping, so I think people should go with whichever system is the best deal for them.

I just went to the U-Verse website to learn more about the service, and it's very compelling. Check out this press release from ATT.

You gonna go for it? If you do, let me know what it's like.

ATT U-Verse...

A friend of mine in Cary signed up for it, and a week after the install it's not working. He is handling it well, but I don't think I would.

I've had DirecTV, and liked it ok. Storms and snow inteferred with my signal. I have TWC now, and must say it's getting better. I'm one of the three folks who do not watch Colbert, Daily Show, or South Park (much). I like sports, and am looking forward to the MLB channel.

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