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"Trauma" starts with a lot of drama

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If you're looking for something ground-breaking in "Trauma" you won't find it. It's pretty much in the mold of that other dearly departed NBC medical drama "ER."

But that's not a bad thing. After all, "ER" ran for 15 years.

Instead of dealing solely with the hospital setting, "Trauma" is mostly about first responders, the EMTs, the Medi Vac folk, and the hospital staff too.

The pilot episode has a lot of action. Two of my least favorite things are the initial cause of a whole lot of damage: bud headphones while working and texting while driving. I always knew no good could come from either and "Trauma" proves my point.

The bud headphones, in fact, lead to the trauma team undergoing major trauma that I suppose they'll spend the season recovering from. So you've got that 'ER' style back story for every member right away. There's hooking up, cheating, the new team member. It's all there.

But it all goes down well because the cast is quite good. I haven't seen most of them except Derek Luke ("Antwone Fisher"), who is a wonderful actor, and one of my favorite TV character actors Jamey Sheridan, who was the captain on "Law & Order: CI". He always comes across as decent and amiable. Good guy.

I'm a bit squeamish, so all the trauma in the first episode of "Trauma" left me a bit traumatized. But I think the bloddy medical action is pretty standard these days for this kind of show. At this point, I might be able to perform a tracheotomy, or at least know that I'm about to be asked to stick my finger in the hole in someone's throat after they do the cutting.

If you need a medical drama to have a place in your TV watching schedule, "Trauma" should satisfy.

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