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Tom and Rosie's Sad Little Weekend Movies

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Let's start with Tom Selleck.

"Jesse Stone: Thin Ice" (Sunday at 9pm): If you haven't seen Selleck in the other Jesse Stone movies, here's the backstory. The character is based on one created by writer Robert B. Parker, who did the "Spenser For Hire" stuff.

Stone is a troubled man, a former LAPD officer who drinks a lot of coffee while he tries not to drink a lot of scotch. He's still getting over getting dumped by his actress wife. He's working as the chief in Paradise, Mass. police force -- there are two other officers.

In this movie, he investigates the shooting of a friend (Stone was sitting in a car next to him) and a kidnapped child. The tone is somber, the humor, martini dry. This is for grown people. Selleck never smiles, and although there's a love interest, there isn't much love. It's a very good movie, realistic rather than rosy.

And speaking of Rosie O'Donnell ...

"America" (Saturday at 9pm) was produced and co-written by O'Donnell. On "The View" and her own daytime talk show, O'Donnell can be funny, loud, opinionated, passionate and sometime real crazy. She's none of those in this movie, yet it's clear she got involved because the film is about one of her passions: children.

It tells the story of one kid's journey through the foster care system, a 17-year-old who is about to age out because he's never been adopted. O'Donnell plays a therapist trying to reach the angry, repressed young man.

She's good in this, subdued and compassionate. This is another somber piece, with an important message, but I didn't find this one as affecting as the Jess Stone piece. It's still worth watching.

Hey, remember when Tom and Rosie had that gun control fight on her show?


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