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"THS-Star Jones" or The Diva is Dismissed

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E!'s True Hollywood Stories are candy, but sometimes they're Snickers and sometimes they're 3 Musketeers, which is to say they are sometimes satisfying or just fluffy.

I saw a recent a recent one about Oprah that basically proved 1) if there is any dirt on Oprah it will never be told because everyone is way to scared, and 2) Gayle King's ability to tell the same stories about Oprah and make them sound fresh and seem as if she's actually revealing something new is almost inspirational. It was definitely 3 Musketeers.

But the super new one I saw this weekend about Badin, NC's own Starlet Jones was Snickers. It wasn't because I learned something new about her, but because it seemed really honest about who Star is and what went wrong. Even Star's surrogate, Vivica A. Fox, (Star only speaks in old interview clips) admitted that Star fell because she lost her doggone mind. Or as Vivica put it "she liked the fame" and the fame can be "intoxicating."

I interviewed Star when her first book came out and she went all diva on me, so the THS rang true. And since during the course of the show Star says her weight-reduction surgery was the first time she had to shut up and listen to other people because she didn't have the answers -- and mind you, she was about 40 -- well, let's just say Star loves her some Star.

Also interesting, Star got away with all this until she got skinny. She was just as diva before as after, but it only got on folk's nerves after. Could it be that folks could tolerate her attitude as long as she had a visible flaw that diminished her a bit?

See how deep the show was?

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