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"The Simpsons": Treehouse of Horror XX

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Is it the 20th anniversary of "The Simpsons" annual Halloween episode already?

While I've often not found the trio of shorts as funny as a typical episode, they are awfully fun, and this one keeps up the tradition.

It airs tonight at 8.

It starts with the story of Bart and Lisa plotting revenge on their teachers; there's a nice homage to master filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock.

The second short has a take on "28 Days"; Krusty's latest burger (and that term can be used loosely) starts the zombie making. Look for convenience store owner /vegetarian Apu to shine a bit.

The last and best short gets musical, presenting a production with a "Sweeney Todd" feel, wherein Moe finally gets the chance he's always wanted with Marge, in part by telling her Homer's gone gay. ("While turning gay/the other day/a thought occurred to me/I'd like to try most every guy from here to Timbuk-tee,"Homer sings.) Moe even shaves his knuckles!

Turn the lights down and enjoy.

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