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The comedy is lazy on "Men At Work"

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Watching "Men At Work" (10 tonight, TBS) made me think about TNT's "Men of a Certain Age," a show I adored.

But I wasn't thinking fondly. I was thinking how "Men of a Certain Age" was funny and nuanced and sophisticated and had grown men in it. "Men At Work" however, wasn't all that funny, is as subtle as a hammer to the head, and while the men involved are grown, they act like overgrown kids.

The manchildren in question work at a magazine; Milo (Danny Masterson) has been dumped and his friends are trying to help him get his groove back. There's Gibbs, (James Lesure), a photographer and ladies man; Tyler (Michael Cassidy), a somewhat more refined features writer; and Neal (Adam Busch), their nerdy friend with a girlfriend.

There's a lot of bravado and talk of 'banging' women and not sharing feelings. And then there's a glimpse of soulfulness to show us there's a heart beating in those craven chests. No new ground is broken here.

The performances are fine, I guess. It's not like they have to dig deep; this is laugh track level comedy. Masterson and Lesure are the most known, of course, and they know what they're doing.

After I watched it, I thought 'maybe I've got this wrong'. So I asked a man in the same age group of the characters (30ish) to watch and see if the show was realistic. I gave my colleague the screener and a deadline. Still waiting to hear from him. I guess that means the show is realistic because that's how trifling the "Men At Work" seem.

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