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The Biggest Loser: Local contestant has a tough night

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Our Biggest Loser correspondent, The N&O's Michelle Aldrich, gives us her recap of last night's show.

On last night's show, Alison panics everyone right off the bat: week nine has a shocking twist: TWO people will go home following the weigh-in. First, the contestant with the smallest percentage of weight loss (by falling below the RED line), and second, another contestant will be eliminated per usual, by voting (once two contestants fall below the YELLOW line).

This week's pop challenge: contestants have to grab tennis balls off a velcro board and toss them into a bucket. The first one to collect all 50 of their balls wins a one pound advantage. Yeah for Allen the firefighter!

Everyone's discussing the alliances, which basically boils down to OLD (Allen, Rudy, Liz, Danny) vs. YOUNG (Daniel, Shay, Amanda, Rebecca).

Jillian and Bob freak out upon hearing about the week's Red line! Jillian is especially worried about Shay. She's so much bigger than everyone left (even the guys) and guys lose weight faster. Sigh. Despite her efforts and admirable weight loss, it's her alliances and melodramatic pleas that have repeatedly saved her. But if she falls below the red line, nothing can save her.

This is going to be a drama-filled episode: Rebecca's stressed out and crying, and Danny's weeping over pictures of himself as a younger (and MUCH slimmer) dude. Jillian plugs the 24-Hour-Fitness-Chain. Bob plugs Lara bars.

Next is a circus challenge set up by Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey! (I think Rebecca actually says, "I hate clowns." Teehee.) Ok, so how to describe this? By jumping through the hoops of their fellow contestants, they can rack up points to eliminate the stronger
competitors. Once your hoop has 100 points, you're out. Last one standing has IMMUNITY. So what happens? The YOUNG alliance of pink and orange is swarming all over Allen and Liz's hoops, knocking them out almost immediately. Rudy strikes a deal with Shay in case they're the remaining two. Which didn't happen, but Shay seemed to think
something else, which resulted in lots of screaming and Shay challenging Rudy's integrity. Ai yi yi. The winner? Rudy! (Mr. TiVO and I love this guy.)

Then we learn that the pink and orange teams have stolen two spin bikes from the gym and lugged them into Shay's room! I don't think anyone's ever done that before. We see the four kids working out while the four older contestants sleep ... Game ON.

Bob takes everyone off campus for a very cool-looking trapeze workout. And then Jillian gets to beat the crap out of everyone at the Last Chance Workout. (She's been relentless with Shay throughout the episode, needless to say.)

So now, the scale ...

Rudy lost 8 pounds and has immunity
Shay lost 17 (AMAZING) which set a new record for women who lose 100 pounds on campus
Amanda = 5 (uhoh)
Rebecca = 10
Danny = 17 (yeah!)
Allen = 10 (11 with his 1lb advantage)
Liz = 12 (You GO GRANDMA!)
Daniel = 5 (WHAT is this guy eating?)

So Daniel from Willow Spring is below the red line and going home for good. I won't miss him or the endless talk of him being an inspiration. I just don't get it.

That puts Shay and Amanda below the yellow line. I haven't been too crazy about either of these ladies, so it will be fascinating to see who goes.

And it was SHAY. Wow.

So the video of Shay returning home has her driving herself -- where's the limo, Biggest Loser Producers? Her husband looked thrilled to see her. Hopefully she'll continuing losing and do well at the finale.

Daniel had the usual homecoming with family and then a super-awkward reunion with his original teammate from last season - David Lee (also from Willow Spring)! This guy hasn't lost ANY weight and remains in total denial about his health. So sad.

Tune in next week for the makeover episode with Tim Gunn - always delightful!

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