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The Amazing Race: Dude, where's my cab?

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In truth, it was a smart move, not nice, but what the gay brothers did to the Americas was in the realm of gamesmanship rather than villainy.

But those brothers are just so annoying, aren't they?

Perpetual leg winners Meghan & Cheyne leave first, getting the clue that sends the teams to Prague to the town square where they have to figure out that a praga is a vintage car. The guy in the praga will give them the next clue.

When the gay brothers hear they are going to Prague, one of them wonders if they speak Spanish there. The other calls Prague a country. So they're annoying and dim.

The gay brothers are still talking about the Globetrotters as enemies because of the foot race from last week, in which the GTs felt one of the brothers deliberately knocked down Flight Time. The GTs, however, say they are cool with the brothers now. So the brothers are annoying, dim and petty.

The Americas say they will watch the fighting and just be nice and sneak in. Of course, this is Mr. America talking because we know Miss America is not all that interested in being nice.

At the airport, all the teams will get on the same flight. Meghan & Cheyne head for a computer and find out what a praga is. Meghan decides that they should tell the other teams that a praga is a hat or something else ridiculous o throw them off. As she discusses this with Cheyne, Mr. America notes that Meghan just isn't trustworthy. The plan falls apart anyway when the GTs go to a computer and find out what a praga is as well.

The teams get off the flight and scramble for cabs, except for the Americas. Mr. America was told on the flight that the fastest way to get to the square was by shuttle and subway. Miss America says she hopes he's making the right decision, which seems reason enough to not take the risk because you know if it doesn't pay off Mr. America will get major attitude.

Meghan & Cheyne get to the square first with the gay brothers right behind them. The gay brothers see them running to the car; they won't have to wander around trying to figure out what a praga is.

The clue sends them to an outdoor adventure center.

Meanwhile, things are looking bad for Mr. America; the shuttle is stuck in a line of traffic. They jump out and catch a cab. Mr. America admits it was a risk that didn't pay off; he won't blame the person that gave him bad advice nor his wife. Miss America stops him to point out that it was his decision. She will blame someone. She will blame him. We tried to tell you, Mr. America.

The outdoor adventure center clue leads to a detour. Fast & Furious involves a rough ride down a rafting course. As the teams goes down the course, they must grab a clue from a line above them. If they flip before they get the clue, they have to start again.

Slow and steady involves scaling a line course that's about two stories above the water. The clue is on a ribbon at the end of the course.

Meghan & Cheyne and the GTs take slow and steady; the gay brothers choose fast and furious.

The Americas are still looking for the praga.

The gay brothers get in the raft. They fuss. They flip.

The Americas find the praga.

Big Easy is having a hard time on the line. He's so heavy he's practically in the water. Flight Time, on the other hand, zips by Meghan & Cheyne.

The gay brothers get in the raft a second time. They fuss. They flip.

Flight Time gets to the end of the line and gets the clue. Now he must wait for Big (and heavy) Easy.

The line worker asks Flight Time to descend from the platform. Flight Time is moving slow; he's tired from pulling himself across the line. But Cheyne accuses him of being slow on purpose to give Big Easy time to finish and slow Meghan & Cheyne's departure. Cheyne's accusation gives Flight Time a good idea; he'll go down slow on purpose so that Big Easy will have time to finish and he can slow Meghan & Cheyne's departure.

On the ground, Flight Time lets Meghan know that he does not appreciate Cheyne's accusation. But, uh, thanks for the idea.

The gay brothers begin their third attempt by fussing.

Meghan & Cheyne are first to leave with the clue which is in Czech; they must figure out that it's the name of a theater.

The gay brothers see Meghan & Cheyne and then the GTs leaving. They flip again.

The Americas arrive at the adventure zone and ask their taxi to wait.

The gay brothers switch to the slow and steady detour. The Americas do slow and steady as well.

Over Cheyne's objections, Meghan invites the GTs to go to the next clue with them. The GTs were going to follow them anyway because they were right behind them but we think Meghan feels guilty because of Flight Time's annoyance at Cheyne's accusation.

They are about to get on a train to the destination where Cheyne spots a cab. He calls Meghan and demands they bail and leave the GTs. Meghan thinks he's being rude. Cheyne thinks Meghan is being ridiculous.

The GTs get on the train and Flight Time calls Cheyne an ass. From the train they can see the gay brothers scaling the line.

Miss America is trying to scale the line and she does not appreciate her husband's advice on how best to do it. Don't make her come off that line and sock you, Mr. America.

In the cab, Cheyne is unapologetic about snagging the cab. Meghan points out that he could have done it more politely because the GTs are the type to get motivated when they are pissed off. This makes Cheyne think.

Still Cheyne & Meghan arrive at the theater first and get the road block. One member of the team has to search the opera house for a tiny mandolin and bring it to the opera singer portraying Don Giovanni to get the next clue.

Cheyne heads out into the opera house rows and rooms and finds what is not a tiny instrument; he brings it to Don Giovanni who laughs and says no.

On the subway, Big Easy hopes to catch up to Cheyne and stick it to him, just as Meghan predicted.

At the opera house, Cheyne picks up another not-tiny instrument.

The gay brothers finish on the line first. They ask the Americas waiting cab driver about the clue and find out it's a theater. Then they offer him extra money to go with them and leave the Americas.

Mr. America sees they are trying to steal the cab and tells his wife. Her reaction: Oh hell no!

But alas, the cabbie says hell yes and leaves with the gay brothers.

It's on, says Miss America.

By now, the GTs have arrived and Flight Time waits with Meghan. He decides to accompany the opera singer with a little ballet. He's quite graceful.

In another cab, Mr. America insists that deep down the gay brothers feel guilty for stealing their cab. Miss America is not as certain. It's clear that Mr. America is more Miss America-like than Miss America. Can't you see him asking for world peace too?

At the opera house, Flight Time sings an opera about the temporarily missing Big Easy.

Unfortunately, there will be no revenge for the GTs. Cheyne finds the tiny instrument first. Yet, Big Easy is actually glad because he was tired of hearing Meghan yell Cheyne 50,000 times.

Meghan & Cheyne get the clue; it sends them to the pit stop at the Prague castle. They arrive first and get a trip to Hawaii.

The gay brothers are next to find the tiny instrument. When they are leaving for the pit stop, they pass the Americas. They admit to avoiding eye contact with Mr. America. Let's see that makes them annoying, dim, petty and cowardly.

It's a race between the GTs and the gay brothers. The gay brothers make it to the pit stop first. At the pit stop, Big Easy embraces the brothers and tells Phil there's some tension with other teams because 'somebody" stole a cab. The brothers are not amused at being exposed.

Miss America finally finds a tiny mandolin and they head for the pit stop. They are last but it's the second non-elimination.

Mr. America says he believes that the race can be won by playing fair. Miss America says nothing.

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