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"Suits" isn't custom, but it's tailor made for USA

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"Suits" (10 tonight, USA) is one of those shows that you've seen before, but you might enjoy anyway.

Indeed, you've probably seen it on USA; plot-wise it's kin to "Burn Notice," "White Collar" and "Covert Affairs" (it shares that last show's two executive producers).

Like those shows, "Suits" is the story of a nice guy stuck in a bad situation; Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) is bright and has the ability to remember anything he reads. Still, because of bad choices, he's reduced to making money by taking tests for those who aren't as smart. Meanwhile, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) is a wealthy, arrogant attorney, who will close a deal by any means necessary. He's about to make senior partner, much to the chagrin of his nemesis Louis (Rick Hoffman).

The two meet in a fairly ridiculous way: Desperate for money to help his granny, Mike agrees to deliver drugs for a friend and ends up running from the cops right into interviews Harvey is hosting in search of a new associate. Mike impresses Harvey who hires him even though the company's policy is only to hire Harvard grads.

We have to go through all of that so that Louis can be suspicious of Harvey and Mike, and Harvey and Mike have something to lose as the reluctant buddies learn from each other. Harvey doesn't believe in caring about clients, Mike desperately does. We love it when men evolve!

"Suits" got a little sluggish in the last act, when the action switches from the set up of the characters to case at the center, but that might be because it's the pilot. Otherwise, it moves along at a nice clip. And the supporting cast is solid: Gina Torres plays the firm's managing partner, Sarah Rafferty is Harvey's assistant Donna, and Meghan Markle is Rachel, the firm's best paralegal, who shows all signs of being Mike's love interest, and because she's a bad test taker, a possible temptation to Mike returning to old habits.

So yes, "Suits" isn't original, but it has all the nice scenery, redemption, banter and nice clothes that have become a hallmark of USA shows. It fits nicely on the schedule.


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I liked it--a different legal show.  It's so much better than "Franklin and Bash", which looks like it came from "The Glades" School of Acting.

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