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No cliffhanger in "Breaking Bad" finale

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AMC announced the renewal of "Breaking Bad" last night, just as the show was getting ready to shut down its third spectacular season. Never has a renewal been more deserving (or less surprising).

Speaking of last night's finale, it seems many viewers interpreted that last scene with Jesse as something of a cliffhanger. But according to the show's creator Vince Gilligan, who also wrote and directed the episode, any ambiguity was purely unintentional.

Spoilers ahead.

In the show's final scene, a distraught Jesse (Aaron Paul) holds a gun in the face of lovable meth cooker Gale as Gale pleads for his life. We're already aware that Jesse really doesn't want Gale killed, so when the screen goes black before we hear the gunshot -- never actually seeing Gale go down -- it's reasonable to wonder: Did Jesse really shoot him?

Yes, he did. In an interview this morning with AV Club, Gilligan assures us that Gale is indeed dead.

It wasn't just the black screen that made viewers wonder. There was also the impression, caused by a shifting camera angle, that Jesse moved his gun before pulling the trigger. It was just the camera moving, Gilligan says. Jesse shot Gale. Gale is dead. No cliffhanger here!

Poor Gale? Yes, certainly. But as our friend Omar from Baltimore might say, "It's all in the game."

As for other thoughts on the finale and the season as a whole ... All I can say is I wrote a bunch of truly genius stuff here and my Firefox crashed, so much like Walt's innocence, it's gone.

It made me feel like tossing a shoe down a hallway and wasting the first person to run out.

I will say this much, and I mean it: Emmys for everyone!

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