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More reality for Jessica Simpson

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Her country career is kaput. Her marriage to Nick Lachey went south. Dallas Cowboy fans blame her for Tony Romo's quarterback failures. And those mom jeans with the animal skin belt caused quite a ruckus.

It's not easy being Jessica Simpson. But you got to give it up to the girl -- she doesn't give up easy.

She got a Vanity Fair cover, her fashion line makes millions, and now word is that she's working on a new reality show.

The premise, according to US Weekly, is a look at society's scrutiny of women's bodies. Their source says that the tentative title is "The Price of Beauty," and it would involve Simpson and a pal going on a road trip around the world in search of what people find beautiful and why. And Simpson will try some of the shocking things women do to make themselves beautiful.

A Simpson rep confirms that Jessica is working on a new show but nothing's been finalized.

I have to say, I like this idea. The body image issue just doesn't go away, and although Simpson plays both sides (she hates when folks comment on her weight, but flaunts her body when she's thinner), she could be good at exploring this issue in ways both comical and serious.


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Now that would be funny

in a convertible, of course.

Jessica & Cary

....."it would involve Simpson and a pal going on a road trip around the world".....

I think Cary "The Coot" Allred would be the ideal traveling companion.

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