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Maddow replaces Abrams at MSNBC

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Air America radio host and MSNBC contributer Rachel Maddow will replace Duke University alumnus Dan Abrams in the 9 p.m. weekly spot following "Countdown With Keith Olbermann."

Maddow's new show will take over the spot currently held by "Verdict With Dan Abrams" on Sept. 8.

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O'Bama--Biden and the matriarchy

You are awesome, Rachel, thank you, for your work. Here are my personal thoughts on the election--as an old hippy, lesbian, feminist-liberal,pagan.

The feeling that coursed through my brain when I realized there is a much deeper meaning to what is happening in this election than meets the eye is  indescribable. It exploded in my brain, but at the same time there was a gut feeling, a knowing, that something both women and men have been wanting for a very long time, is in the process of happening. It is humane, it is spiritual, it is part of the Age of Aquarius that we talked and sang about in the ‘70’s.

 It is part of the civil rights’ movement, it is part of the feminist movement, in which a major portion of the women involved wanted desperately to be out of the patriarchy and into the matriarchy. But we did not know how what we prayed and marched for, was going to happen. Neither did the minions of Martin Luther King.

I did not realize until I was watching the Convention and a group of women that work in the U.S. House, came striding up on the stage. There were, by my best guesstimate, about 40 women. A few of them spoke, and it was evident they were realizing the impact of what was happening. They were stoked. Then I think it was Nancy Pelosi, who said there were more women delegates than men and that the number totaled approximately 2,170.  I thought back to Michelle O’Bama’s speech and Hillary Clinton’s speech and realized something different. This is when it hit me. We are the ones electing Barack O’Bama and Joe Biden. We are the mothers, the daughters, the sisters, the friends, who are being the instruments of this change. The matriarchy, working its way surreptitiously, to put the best person into office. The person who has the feminine aspect in his heart and soul, who knows the struggles all of us have gone through. Hillary Clinton did her best, put up a good fight, but knew that if she continued and then wasn’t elected, this country would truly be screwed. She knew that Barack would be the best person to defeat the opposition—the patriarchy. Now, whether she knew this on a subconscious level or not we won’t know, but I suspect deep down she did.

By some force that we are perhaps not conscious of, we are supporting and encouraging our “son” to be elected, to do what we, in this patriarchy, are as yet unable to do. He is our “son” helping us to usher in the feminine, the matriarchy, which will not so much rule over all, as work with all, for unity, community , oneness and peace--for all his mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. And Barack could not have picked a better running mate than Joe Biden, because he also is in touch with the feminine aspect of his heart and soul.

The slogans of the O’Bama campaign are “change we can believe in” and “It’s time for a change”. The extent of that change is lost on most people, but there is an underlying form in those statements that touches the hearts of the people who want change. This underlying form will be the impetus for those others who are unsure of their direction, because they can feel it—the little fluttering that tells them what their soul already knows.

We must persevere, knowing that just because a woman was not chosen as a candidate for president, does not mean all is lost. It means we have chosen the right person to carry out our purpose—as women, African-Americans and all other ignored peoples.  We must rejoice and be heart-full, knowing that what we are doing, by electing Barack O’Bama, is right for this country and perhaps this world.

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